Monday, November 16, 2015

woman update: 1 more to go till 30

age: 29 - one more until the big 3-0

weight: on the downhill slide! i am trying! 10 landon pounds, 10 porter, and 6 griffin.

gray hairs: only a handful but thankfully i got some highlights to hide my gray-lights. although they do match my chin hairs quite nicely. i got my hair chopped off last week and i look fabulous now!

what i'm eating: everything. i swear my nursing appetite is much bigger then my pregnancy one. i'm doing the six sister's healthy challenge with my friends and it's been helping me make better choices. i've nixed soda, down to a slurpee a week, sweets are getting rarer. i'm not measuring my food because i don't want to lose my milk; i'm just making better choices. it's amazing how you can go a full day without any fruits or vegetables. i've been using crystal lite as a soda replacement and dove dark chocolate for my sweets- and it's worked.

how i'm feeling: i've been pretty open with my crazy pills this time around. zoloft has been good for me and i feel pretty normal. it's definitely hard but i feel great. wrangling three kids is hard but i feel so blessed to have this hard life. they are my everything and i love them so much.

how i'm sleeping: not much- i've pretty much accepted the fact that i will forever be tired. griffin is still waking up a couple times a night but the other night he only woke up twice! cue angels singing!

what i'm reading: pleasure reading is still not on track. i try to read my scriptures or church magazines. i love reading entertainment weekly and once in a while, try to read some of my fiction. it's slow going.

what i can do: it's so funny when i meet up with people i haven't seen recently and they seem to be at a loss as to what to talk to me about. don't worry, i accept that i have no life. what can i say? i'm a mom. i have no hobbies. i enjoy going to the bathroom alone and eating candy in the closet. i try to keep my blog current, i go on facebook more then i'd like to admit and i'm trying to keep my house clean/organized. life is fun.

what i'm working on: getting back into shape, getting better at reading my scriptures/gospel works, not getting angry at the kids, keeping the house clean.

what i'm looking forward to: nothing! my mom left and i'm not spending the holidays with her [insert crying face emotion here]. dramatics aside, i'm looking forward to seeing the hunger games with my sailor next weekend. i can't wait for the holidays and making it special for my boys. i'm excited for the upcoming year and the trips we have planned [SLC! ST. GEORGE! and a COUPLE-CATION!]
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KinderTeach said...

Happy Birthday Baby Sister. I hope today celebrates you as much as yesterday did. You are an amazing lady and mother. Who cares if people don't know what to say to you. You are doing important work right now. You can get some hobbies when your babies are older. Those hobbies will be grandkids. I love you, am proud of you and wish you a happy birthday.

Caitlin said...

Happy Birthday snoogle-fritz. I hope you have a fabulous day. I hope your day is fantastic and that you can take a break from cleaning!! Also, I wanna see your new hair-do!

Kari said...

I second wanting to see the new hair, but you always look great! And Happy Birthday!!! I hope that you get some time to truly enjoy yourself. And no matter how frustrating your life may seem, take joy in the fact that you have your priorities right: your family and the gospel. You're winning in my book!

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