Saturday, May 30, 2015

my favorite mousekatool

last year when we visited disneyland as a family [here and here], we bought season passes. i figured it would only cost us $50 more for a season pass, meaning if we went one more time, it was well worth the money. well then i got pregnant and ruined all my plans! since justin has been MIA since january, i knew i needed something to look forward to and my friend holly is a frequent visitor to dland. we set the plans in motion and went right after mother's day. i was a little hesitant to go 25 weeks pregnant with a 3 1/2 and a 15 month old. and i was right to, it was the worst. even with holly's mom (and holly and charlotte, her 3 1/2 year old), it was pretty hard. but really, your worst day at disneyland is still better then a normal day at home right? RIGHT?

we left tuesday morning bright and early and met holly at her mom's house, which was about halfway to dland. we go to stretch our legs for a bit before we reached anaheim. after a quick lunch at mcd's, we checked into our hotel and hit the park. first stop, buzz lightyear's astro blasters! or it would have been if it wasn't closed for renovations [what-waahhh]. landon was devastated. it's all he has been talking about for months! we still managed to have a lot of fun, especially since landon is 40 inches! a surprise to us all! we had a lot of fun in the park but i still ended up crying every day. it's just hard when your husband isn't there because as much of a help holly and her mom were, they just weren't me. it was nice having extra hands because they would take landon on rides i couldn't go on being pregnant or would sit with porter while he napped.
we went on some rides we didn't go on last trip which was fun [ex: alice & wonderland, pinocchio, it's a small world, ferris wheel, jelly fish, golden zepher, to name a few], most importantly we went on star tours! landon has started to like star wars, despite never seeing any of the movies/tv shows. friends just talk about it and he likes the lego star wars books so he's caught on very quickly. plus the star wars show is so well done there!
my goal for this trip was to discover new treats to oink and man did i! i tried a delicious chocolate mousse near the star wars show that didn't disappoint but the mickey ice cream sandwich did. i loved the popcorn but target is a prertty comparable substitute. my favorite by far is still the mickey rice krispie treats. i had one every day there and took one home. delicious! i'm not a fan of the candy apples or the cookies. and i STILL didn't get to try a corn dog! it's on my bucket list for reals.
for the most part, we had a great time. it was exhausting but not too hot. in fact, it poured our last day there! i didn't pack any pants but thankfully had jackets for the boys only. being giant and pregnant helped me not freeze. plus those adorable $6 ponchos. thursday ended up being my favorite day there despite the rain. we saw more shows to keep out of the rain [the new anna and else show was ok. i still love disney jr!]. like some miracle, after hours of pouring, it cleared up despite the forecast in the afternoon and we got to ride some rides with about half the normal crowd!
some highlights of our trip: meeting buzz lightyear! we got him at the tail end of his time so jessie came up and they started flirting and interacting with each other. it was hilarious! he was super fun playing with both boys- great actor! we had front row seating to the pixar parade in ca adventure and i just love it! so much fun! eating at the rain forest cafe in downtown disney was nice and different- what a fun restaurant! star tours was amazing- that's where landon [and i] got our one souvenirs. landon got a rebel blaster gun [of course], i got a leather darth vader purser and porter got a light up buzz light year spinning thing. daddy got a darth vader cookie [which he didn't even really want that]. the frosting gave the boys a funny shade of green poop that had me in all sorts of fits over- i almost called the dr.
i'm so glad we got to go one more time, even though it was physically and emotionally hard. with prices on the rise, we probably won't go back for several years. landon, thankfully, has decided that he doesn't want to go back there for a long time as well because the drive is too long. this is a complete 180 from when he was asking for it every single night for a bedtime story and begging to go back.
that being said, i am so thankful for my hardworking husband! granted, he wouldn't have wanted to go back to disneyland with us because he hates crowds, california, and fun. so really, i was doing a favor by not taking him. still, he works so hard for us and was stuck in carson while we were off at the happiest place on earth. he really is amazing and i love him so much!
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KinderTeach said...

Next time you go, you'll have 3 kids under 5 and knocked up with #4.

Kari said...

I wish I could take my kids to Disneyland! I'm glad you were able to go again, and that is brave to go with no husband. I'm glad you were able to enjoy parts of it even though it was hard!

Sam said...

You are 1 brave women for doing Disneyland with no Justin. Way to go. Looks like you had fun despite the hard times.

Someday I'll make it to Disneyland!!

Sam said...

Oh yeah and this is not Sam. Obvs.

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