Wednesday, May 20, 2015

life lately: bagels & boys, oh my

life has been naked and wild, as it should be! i thought this silly easter bunny was ridiculous and would not be as well received as it has been. it's been hilarious as porter has finally succumed to hats. we're working on the other costumes slowly. it's been porter as he is finally coming into himself. he loves playing peekaboo! this little boy adds to our family in a way i never could have imagined.
it's been chasing my little boys all around the house. they love to hide behind the curtains when i chase them and play peekaboo. it's been a lot of facetiming with our favorite arizona couple. seriously they can spend loads of time doing nothing spectacular: usually they just like to watch eachother play with legos. lately, a kind friend has been intuitive enough to bring me dinner and dessert, just because she knows im having a hard time without justin. and it's been tantruming 15 month olds. he has learned to put his own nose on the wall when he gets in trouble. smart boy! mama is in charge in this house!
 life has been celebrating my new favorite holiday- bring your own cup to 7-11 day! unfortunatly i didn't properly wash out these containers so they were tainted and did not taste good at all. it's been silly boys and big smiles. and hanging out at the museum. i just love this little girl and her silly faces.
like i said, facetiming nick is at a high as is the treats. we had a great time celebrating meghan's birthday at panera. some old man next to us was not quite as thrilled at our rambunxious bunch but hey, it's not like pnaera is some fine dining establishment.
lately, we've had a lot of joy in our life. smiles from a grumpy, teething toddler. lettuce fresh from the garden. landon earning money to ride the airplane at walmart and mega stuffed oreos. that is the greatest joy of all! notice how justin got two boxes to my one. i won't mention that i used one of his boxes for a dessert of mine though...hey! i'm pregnant!
we've had lots of fun times with friends too. we love tanner and kellan so much- landon would spend all his days with them. it's been venturing out into our state's national park and enjoying the beautiful scenery with our favorite man. and it's been a little boy making his mama's heart sing with joy as he is learning to love the scriptures.
lately, we've also had several downs to go with the ups. porter had a rough time with some pre-molars. he got a series of fevers and i had many days with a crying, snuggly baby. which is al wonderful when you have time to snuggle and love on them but that is sometimes hard with a 3 year old. porter lasted a minute in the erog- thank goodness. 15 pounds in front and 25 in back does not bode well for my back. my sweet littles love to hang out together. i'll often find them hiding in the closet or bookshelf [aka their hideout]. i love seeing how happy they can be together. and not so much when they're not happy together.
life has been seeing double as my mom and me both had the same idea for treats when it came to our classes we were teaching. yum... peanut butter rice krispies. just what the baby ordered. little landon has enjoyed quite a bit of quality time with his dad [in limited quantities, of course]. how adorable is he? i can't remember what justin was working on that was so loud. and my failure as a mother as i've come to realize i never taught landon how to do a thumbs up.
lastly, life has been joyful as i find my boys playing and enjoying eachother's company more and more. granted, they fight a whole bunch more too. porter knows he can 'tattle' on landon and get in trouble and landon knows he can bully porter a bit and not get caught if i'm in the other room. whatever, they'll figure it out. here they are in the closet aka their hideout. it's been swinging and driving our days away. it's been a very excited boy who can't wait for disneyland [a pretty good drawing of mickey mouse if i do say so myself. i didn't even know he could do that]. and it's also been mommy trying to enjoy her bagel in peace by eating on top of the counter. hey, a meal i don't have to share? that's joyful.

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Caitlin said...

These are my favorite updates. You're such a fun mom and I miss you. Its cute porter and landon are becoming better and better friends!!! And I so want a pb rice crispy right now!

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