Sunday, May 10, 2015

pregnancy update: 25 to life

with porter
with baby #3
man you really do get bigger with each
kid, even though i've gained less
weekage: 25

poundage: 16lbs - could be worse but could be better. i have been eating my emotions as of lately.

how baby is doing: happ
y as a clam! he is kicking and moving. i love this baby so much and can't wait for him to join in the fun i see his brothers enjoy. the gene screening turned out great and i'm just so thankful i have a healthy baby boy. poor little guy just doesn't get noticed as much as the others did because i am so consumed with the others all day.

how mama is doing: i am feeling more and more pregnant. and uncomfortable. i get awful pains in my sides at night, muscles pulling and such. i am peeing and eating more which is always fun. heartburn is always fun but i am loving finally showing. i had my first stranger recognize that i was pregnant and not just fat. i remember why i enjoyed being pregnant the first time around but i also remember why i hated it so much more the second time. and i realize i will hate it even more this time but my sweet babies are wo
rth it. most of the time. i am pretty scared of being a mother to three. justin is gone a lot for work so i feel like it's just me a lot of the time. the recovery from a c section is never fun and i am pretty scared that porter will have a terrible time adjusting. plus the post partum depression is nothing to wink at, but i see how well the boys interact and love each other, it makes my heart sing. granted, they fight 95% of the time but still, i'm glad they have each other.

how the brothers are doing: landon just adores his brother and even more so his baby brother because he has yet to steal his toys or invade his space. he kisses my tummy often and always ask to 'talk' to him using the heart rate monitor. he's excited to share his room with porter to make room for the baby and for the baby to bring him a present like porter did at the hospital. porter, not quite so much. granted, he doesn't know anything is happening but he is a big mama's boy and is extremely needy. so having a new baby that will need attention and take me away from him will be hard.

names we're considering: justin and i cannot agree on a name for the life of us! i love the name ryder - justin loves lincoln. but i have this thing where i don't want my kids to have the same lettered names. we used to like the name sawyer but it's just too popular. boy names are just so hard too. hopefully we'll figure it out soon because the boys need to start calling the baby a name.

what we're looking forward to: disneyland next week! i am pretty terrified of walking around so much in the california heat but i am determined to make my season pass worth it. we might not be able to go again so i'm going to enjoy it and try not to complain. i'm excited for this summer and going on a vacation as a family of 4. i'm excited for this baby but i want to try to soak up as much time with porter as my baby for a little while longer.
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KinderTeach said...

I think you should name him T-bone, or CT, short for Chicken Thigh. We need another meat name.

Caitlin said...

Wow!! I can't believe you are already 25 weeks along!! I swear you JUST told me you were pregnant in the first place!! You look super cute and I can't wait to meet little baby no name.

Ps, I think you should maybe name him after a Cullan. They were our family for a little while after Hogwarts.

How about Jasper.

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