Wednesday, May 6, 2015

life lately: grandma shell's birthday surprise

life lately has been dramatic- we are really missing daddy and acting up in different ways. landon has trouble going to sleep at nap time and needs to snuggle mama. granted, i am quite happy to have some company in my bed. he's also had trouble keeping himself asleep but hey, whenever he's unconscious i'm happy. because when he's conscious, he makes a habit of sticking things up his nose like this little lego piece. thankfully i caught it before it went up too far. and porter? he's just been stuffing his face like he's never going to see food again. seriously, i love those chipmunk cheeks. 
it's been spending a lot of family time. lunch at macayos after a glorious day at the temple, loving on my mom as we celebrate her getting older then dirt and playing a family favorite game of 'don't eat pete'.
life has been slurpees at the park and slurpees at my house. water shooting from the ground and little children all abound.
[not so] lately, we spent a fun easter with our cousins. my sister anna took nice ones of the kids- well, as nice as it can get with porter crying and refusing to be released from my hold. we had a great time finding easter eggs and eating too much candy. look at those adorable kids playing ring around the rosie.
it's been jumping in head first and hoping for warmer water. that didn't stop the kids though! poor little bree couldn't get wet but she still seemed to have a great time. we sure wish they lived closer.
easter was a smashing success! landon had a great time hopping around and finding all his basketball eggs and even loved helping porter find his baseball ones. life has been soaking in as much daddy time as you can within a 36 hour window. reading books on a full lap and getting his own 'putterer' have been some consolation.
life has been a fabulous easter day. i love seeing my adorable boys, even if half of them aren't as photogenic as i'd like. it's been delicious treats from kind neighbors and handsome/beautiful cousins. my family makes me so happy. and seeing this cute little tushy and his love of his giant easter bunny makes my heart swell.
lately it's been quick visits from our grandma shell and fun play dates at an indoor trampoline place. so much fun! i need to go back in my *more* slender form so i can actually enjoy the activities there. it's been homework time and a little boy who is finally embracing some sort of educational activity. he is getting better at his handwriting and i am a proud mama! man oh man, i am a very lucky lady. look how handsome my porter is? his teeth make him a little silly looking but he'll grow into them. i remember thinking the same thing about landon when his teeth came in.
lastly, it's been deja vu as i took porter to his 15 month appointment at the doctor. he was less then thrilled then landon was with his sucker but then again, porter's was sugar free. how did i get such good looking babies? i guess it comes from their handsome father.

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KinderTeach said...

The party for mom was a lot of fun. It was so great surprising her. Your boys are super cute, I'm really depressed I won't be there when the 3rd one is born. Stupid job, I should just quit! Too bad you aren't rich. I could be your nanny.

Caitlin said...

That is a mighty big Lego you pulled out of Landons nose!! Hahaha. Im glad you were able to spend some time with you mama too. I know how hard it is for you to have her so far away.

Also, I love the side by side of your boys!! You can tell they are brothers, but they look so different to me!!

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