Saturday, November 22, 2014

land of mice & men part II

we typically spend our mornings at disneyland because it was the farthest away, would go back to the hotel for some downtime [not naps- because my kids don't nap] then the afternoon was spent at california adventure. the highlight to thursday was defiantly seeing peter pan. usually there are masses of people surrounding the characters but not peter! he was all by himself. landon was pretty excited to tell him about buzz lightyear- again, i bet landon will post the video soon of that conversation. porter, was less then impressed. because of porter's naps in the stroller or because of the rides he couldn't go on, we had a lot of time just watching people. so of course that meant a lot of selfies. funny note about heimlich's train- not that time that's picture but another time we all went on that ride and some little girl barfed right next to us. it was disgusting and juices got on our legs. and i'm pretty sure we caught what she had because we are all having tummy trouble now. and then 10 minutes later we saw the same family at a show. i mean, i get it but at the same time, i'm disgusted.
in california adventure we were able to spend some time in car's land and met tow mater twice [no such luck on lightening mcqueen]. we saw the amazing disney jr show- really amazing. it was under the mickey mouse clubhouse format [they were planning a party for minnie and needed help from noodles] but they told stories from sophia the first, jake & the neverland pirates, and doc mcstuffins. it was so fun because with each story they blew bubbles over the audience or had 'snow' fall or threw out gold deb looms [paper ones]. it was very well done. i went to disneyland thinking the shows were lame and not worth the time but for little kids, they are totally worth it. that night we wanted to have a nice sit down dinner in the park and tried arial's grotto. we were under the impression that there would be characters to take pictures with. that was not the case at night. service was crappy, food was disgusting, but the view was amazing. we sat on the patio overlooking the water and ferris wheel. quite charming.
 on our last disneyland day, we spent the morning at ca adventure and met with doc mcstuffins, chatted with crush the turtle from finding nemo [another great show- he actually interacted with you. there must have been a person hiding behind the scenes], and partied it up with daddy before he left. i then walked from one end of the park to another at 11am with just me and the kids [in heavier traffic flow then before]. once we got to the part i wanted to be at with the kids all unloaded, justin called me because i had his id. the worst. so after trekking back i gave up and we had lunch in our room and chilled out.
after a short reprieve, we rode the train around the park, visited winnie the pooh and by then, kayla had arrived. we boarded a pirate boat and steered it around the island and i even got to ride a grown up ride while she watched the boys.
 landon hadn't napped the whole time we had been at the park so by 5pm friday night he was pooped. once we sat down to watch mickey and the magical map [another fantastic show!] he was out. for less then 5 minutes. we spent a fair amount of time going on some rides we had already been on. kayla spoiled my children more then i did with prizes and had a nice dinner at carnation cafe while the parade was going on. again, the parades are fantastic! i can't believe they do that big of a spectacle every single night- in both parks!
 that night we attempted to see world of color but it was too late for the kiddos so i went on the tower of terror and we got treats. saturday we enjoyed a much too early morning for kayla [lucky girl doesn't have kids so she can sleep in past 6am]. we enjoyed some mickey waffles, a dip in the pool, then explored downtown disney. landon and porter each got a small prize, santa bought a  cool peter pan toy for later, and we visited the lego store. we had such a great time! on our way out of town we were following kayla to bi's to meet her hottie boyfriend but landon just LOST it at the table. and not his normal losing it mode of screaming or acting out, but crying and whining to go home. super unlike him. of course once we got in the car he was fine. the drive home was pretty great because i got to chat with my mom & favorite sister- plus no traffic. although we did have some emergency poo stops. in all a great trip! i just wish we could redo it with justin. i'm already planning our next trip in september!

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KinderTeach said...

For your first experience with your kids and Disneyland, I think it went fairly well. Plus maybe next time your hubbie can stay the whole time. I am very thankful Kayla was there to help

Caitlin said...

So much fun! We need to venture there with our kids. Someday!

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