Wednesday, November 19, 2014

life lately: fat girl eyes

life lately has been rebelious. with our favorite dudes tanner & kellan. unless had a free exhibition game so naturally it was overflowing with families like ours that are too cheap to pay for their 3 year olds to have seats. the kids had a great time- a giant tub of popcorn, fireworks, and staying up late- what's not to love?
life has been full of smiles. landon loved finding daddy's old paint gun hat and i loved capturing these sweet moments where my boys just want to snuggle me in the morning. i love that sweet smile on porter's face- he looks so much like me when i was a baby. it's funny but justin and i both think porter looks like us. no clue where landon comes from but everyone i know says he looks just like peanut. and look how proud porter is to be standing on his own. he loves to stand!
lately, we tried cronuts. let me tell you, it was delicious. but only because it was maple topped and filled with creme. not worth the extra money. anytime you have donuts, its a good time- am i right? the boys are now bathing together every night and it is so fun! i'm surprised how much they can interact with the age difference. and look at that sweet smile on my big boy's face. i can't believe how big he is!
life has been on the go- whether it's matching hats on our park days, dimply bottoms standing in the bath, or visits to the pumpkin patch with grandpa dave. seriously, that bum though. how adores.
lately it's been all about me- not really, but it should be. i am a super fan of desserts so for my birthday dinner, i wanted a place know for it's treats. i loved the movie serendipity so i just had to go to it's namesake. and man did it disappoint. that chocolate cake looks delicious but it was no chocolate mousse. i still didn't want to share though- look at those fat girl eyes.

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KinderTeach said...

You do have super cute kids who are always doing something amazing, except of course during those moments they aren't.
I love you baby sister and even though you didn't get your mousse, I would say you had a pretty good birthday.

Caitlin said...

Your kids are totes adorbs!! And I love your fat girls eyes giving Justin the death look!! I can't even count how many times fat girl eyes have appeared on my face.

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