Sunday, November 16, 2014

16 + 12 candles

happy birthday to me
i'm all by myself
this birthday sucks apples
and i forgot how to rhyme.

have i told you lately that i miss my mom? because i do. for my birthday i usually make a big fuss about how i really want a turkey dinner for my birthday dinner but alas, it's thanksgiving next week. she assures me that she will make two turkey dinners in a row because she loves me that much but i play the martyr and say i will settle for a rib dinner. with chocolate mousse. and rolls. alas, i will not be getting any of that. because she moved. and my granddad passed away, which is another story. still wish i could be there with her but the funeral is 10+ hours away and i couldn't possibly do that with two kids by myself. no way jose.

and then my husband, my sweet husband, has been working a ridiculous amount of hours. and is going to be out of town for practical every weekend until we leave for carson. including my birthday weekend. he's coming back later this afternoon from a work trip that had him gone all weekend.

and my birthdays on a sunday which is basically a travesty right there. especially since i have to take my two kids alone to church today.

and i have to make my own birthday meal and cake because who else will?

and did i mention i have to teach today? really though, that's more of a treat for me because i love teaching. but still, i need to do some more complaining.

because it's my birthday and i will complain if i want to. and i want to. i did make some reese's peanut butter cookies to drown my sorrows in. so let's all take a minute to pity me.


okay, there. that's done. now then! i am 28 years old today. i remember looking forward to 17 so much and now i am so close to 30. it's surreal how quickly life goes by. someone one said, in regards to mothering but works everywhere, that the minutes are long but the years are short. that's how i feel about being 28. i wish there were 28 things i could tell you about me but i am such an open book i doubt i could think of any. instead i'll recall some of my favorite birthday memories.

i remember the first party i had for my birthday with friends- complete with barbie decorations and a two layered chocolate cake. it was a blast! i got a barbie polaroid camera that we documented it with. it was legit. did i mention i was about 14?

another birthday i got a pink barbie car from my grandma & grandpa zobrist- i think it was my 6th- and i wasn't really into barbies. but i loved that car. i also got a pink cowgirl hat.

one birthday my hs best friend blair threw me a last minute surprise party that someone accidentally told me about at school. i think justin and two other guys were the only ones to show. i didn't care how lame it was- it was thoughtful and i got to hang out with justin. sigh, what a dreamboat.

i remember for one birthday of mine, my parents served me yams. yams aka the devil's potato. i threw up right there at my plate. to be fair, i had already had my birthday dinner. but still, my worst vegetable. on my birthday.

my most memorable party was in college for my 21st. my friend kayla flew in from ca, i had a whole new bunch of friends, and we partied hard. i learned how to french braid, i made my mom's mouse [which quickly dissolved into liquid form] and we made smores up the mountain. it was fantastic.

in all, i hope i get a slurpee, some chocolate, and a foot rub. and a bubble bath. and a nap would be quite nice too.
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KinderTeach said...

Oh my baby sister, how I love you. You are the besets youngest, but not littlest sister I could ask for. I know that you are sad that there is no one to join in the festivities but welcome to being a grown up! I had even planned on making you, your mousse if you were coming to Blanding. Too bad you didn't come!
We missed you so much, but all thought of you on this day. A whole joke was created just so you could feel special on this day.
I'm sorry being a grown up sucks apples and you forgot how to rhyme. Maybe you need to come back to Kindergarten so I can teach you how to rhyme. Like Happy Birthday to you, You've had quite a few, You are such a view, You smell good too (with farts that smell like roses, how could you not?!?)
Love you baby sister and I wish I was there to celebrate with you.

Caitlin said...

Happy Birthday Mel. Sorry your party's so lame.

That birthday in Cedar was the best. Boy I miss those times! They were good, thats for sure!!

Hang in there. It sucks big that Justin has to be gone so much, and if I lived there I would totally hang out with you all the time until you begged me to leave because I was so obnoxiously there.

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