Wednesday, November 26, 2014

turn off the boob tube & read: 5 love languages

i know i am kind of late to the game but give me a break, i am not one for self-help. really, i am a young adult girl in heart and mind. but i had heard of this book before so when i was it at costco for $10 and was waiting on a book from the library, i decided to take a gamble. let me tell you, it did not disappoint. the book was thin, chapters were quick and it was very well written. dr. gary chapman wrote this book and has since written different versions for kids, teens, etc. but this is the original. i never really thought about how i like to be loved but this book [and online quiz found here]. turns out i am a 'words of affirmation' and 'physical touch' gal. there other languages including quality time, receiving gifts and justin's language, acts of service.

i loved how dr. chapman gave real life examples, answered some questions that i thought of, and how it was short and sweet. what turns me off from self-help books is that they are so long and try to bore you with research. i don't want research, i want results. i think it's healthy to continually work on your relationship and improve yourself. i feel like the gospel is a huge part in improving myself and our relationship but this was a great new way to see things and make changes. as i said, my primary language is words of affirmation and so i typically show justin that i love him by writing him letters, sending him texts, etc. but that's not how he speaks love. he appreciates acts of service. he shows me he loves me by making me tables and mowing the lawn, but i don't speak love like that. blew my mind! since reading this book i have tried to implement some changes and be better at showing justin i love him in the language he prefers and i know how to communicate my needs better in ways that he can understand.

i would highly recommend this to anyone in a relationship- in fact i'm going to read the book for kids.
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KinderTeach said...

I got a 3 for physical touch!! We all know how much I loved to be touched! I always knew you were a high toucher and a wordy chick. I love you anyways. You're a great baby sister

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