Monday, December 1, 2014

baby update: 1-0 baby!

See landon's 9 month update here- he was about 3 lbs heavier, 3 teeth, and walking at 9 1/2 months. i am so glad he is lighter, teethless and not walking- makes my life a lot easier!

monthage: 10

poundage: 19lbs

teethage: NONE - i guess i just have a late bloomer. this has not stopped him at all from eating whatever he wants. i'm quite impressed at how much and how well he eats.

favorite foods: he loves baby cheetos, chicken nuggets [him and his brother], water, crackers/baby cookies, and baby food [most of the time]. he's pretty good at letting us feed him and also likes to self-feed.

favorite toys: anything he brother has, books on the bookshelf, cords, and most recently his walker. it's like a light bulb has gone on and he know gets how to use it. thankfully he's pretty resilient about when he falls on the hard tile.

what porter loves: his brother - no one can make him giggle like landon. but at the same time, no one can make him cry either. i would say his favorite person is me, of course. he loves to snuggle, especially on my shoulder. he loves to just sit with me on my lap or just be held. he likes to wiggle too, but not as crazy as landon was. he loves the bathtub, standing up & walking, and his binky. it is going to be taken away after our trip to miami.

what porter hates: his carseat, more then anything. he doesn't like it when everyone has something [like food] that he doesn't have. he gets angry, starts fussing and clenches his fists in anger. it's hilarious and adorable. he doesn't like medicine but now will tolerate a bottle [sometimes].

what we're working on: walking, sleeping through the night, getting rid of the binky, eating more solid food.

what we're looking forward to: our trip to miami, christmas time and jack the elf visiting, and his first birthday of course! we're already got a theme picked out [pirates]. landon has told me that he wants to go to disneyland for his birthday- not going to happen but it's a nice dream.
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KinderTeach said...

I cannot believe it's been almost a year. My how time flies when you aren't looking. I'm super excited that the next time I see Porterhouse I can feed him. Real Cheetos, slurpees, M's, nothing is off the table!

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