Thursday, December 4, 2014

favorite things: winter

i am so excited to not be pregnant this winter! i love treats but i ESPECIALLY love treats come winter time. i eat so much more at this time of year so being pregnant just compounded that. in fact, i am still trying to lose that porter weight and i am getting there, slowly but surely. my girlfriends and i do a favorite things party twice a year and i am having the hardest time coming up with something NEW! i love lots of things but it's usually the same things. either way, i will try to spice it up a bit for you.

the mindy project - probably my favorite show on tv right now. hilarious! mindy lahiri is me in indian form.

target coke icees - i would say slurpees but you already know that. these icees are pretty great as a substitute, especially when paired with target popcorn- the best there is. sam's club's coke icee is a great substitute for that as well.

les mill's body pump - i've taken this class semi-regularly for over a year now and i really enjoy it. you lift weights to music, one song per muscle group. and i am finally seeing some definition and i can feel myself getting stronger. justin is one lucky guy - i got me some buns of steel.

hot curlers - my mom used these on us all the time when we were little and i hated those tight jumbo curls. i have since figured out how to make it more wavy and it will easily last me two days [the trick is to put the curler in mid-strand, twist the remaining hair and then bring it into your scalp]. it is defiantly helping me actually do my hair most days- even if i just curl it to put it in a pony tail.

3d mascara - i bought younique's but that is over $30! i bought some off groopdealz so let's hope that works out for only $15. you put on normal mascara, then put the black kind on, then little fibers then the black gel again to seal it. i have really noticed a difference and i'm so happy with it.

disneyland's mint foot lotion - with all that walking at disneyland, coming back to the room for this foot lotion was magical- and tingly! i found a place online i can buy it but i'm just too cheap. should have stolen from the cart lady who walked in on me bathing that one night- she seemed like she would have given it up pretty easily [TWSS].
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KinderTeach said...

I can't believe you said Icees were a substitute for slurpees. It's like I don't even know who you are anymore!!��
Have fun in Miami sing your 2nd husbands song Miami while you're there.

Kari said...

That mascara sounds like a lot of work. Is it worth the time? keep us updated on how the groupon stuff works. And why is everything better in disneyland? :) I would have wanted to just steal some too.

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