Monday, December 8, 2014

life lately: thanks for the cute tushies

life lately has been full of holiday spirit! thanksgiving came and went with a ton of carbs & sugar. let's start from the back: landon & justin went to the man store on a daddy date and met santa claus! this won't be the last time we see old st. nick this season. you know how i enjoy my holiday activities! thanksgiving lunch we ate at justin's dad's house. it was delicious- especially the dessert because it wasn't pie! i'm not a pie fan and thankfully they had brownies and ice cream! yummy! after naps we went to justin's mom's house. lyns & skyler came into town and the kids sure loved playing with them. and i loved not. 
lately we've been enjoying all that the holidays and family has to offer. including tractors. my boys were not so happy with having to take holiday pictures but they sure were happy to disrobe [a family trait]. look at those adorable turkeys! these ones are for ayden & grandma shell but will most likely get trashed before i see them.
lately, porter has been mastering the art of moving. he loves to pull himself up, stand up, walk with his grandpa walker, and destroy all that is in his path. he has loved being able to move - landon has not been quite as happy that his legos & other precious things are in jeopardy. hence the robe belt lock up. one of the great perks of a moving kid is they are more tired at the end of the day!
life has been full of highs & lows. high: playing with our friends. low: saying goodbye to krie and zaikai as they move back to utah. high: playing 'spaceship' with our truck low: having that spaceship fall on porter. repeatedly. high: porter finally taking [somewhat] of a bottle. a really small amount but a victory no less. low: landon's inherited dinosaur feet are becoming so bad that they crack from dryness. poor little guy, terrible genes.
lastly, life has been making some more quiet sheets for my boys. landon's superhero capes i made for his birthday left me with a lot of extra felt so i put it to good use! i am not a craft person and i am not a person for details. or patience. i just get the job done as quickly as i can. here's what i did- and it's good enough for me!
prophet & apostle pics, stick matching and then superhero coordinating, a mailbox to write letters [the pocket will soon hold a little notepad], stringing circles, tic-tac-toe, build a face, fractions, fish sticks- match the colors, and barnyard finger puppets.

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KinderTeach said...

You've had a great year, and I've got the pictures to prove it.

Caitlin said...

I am so far behind on blog reading!! But I am caught up on your blogs. Sorry for being MIA. Your life looks fun lately. There is a picture with Landon and he seriously looks so grown up! And so handsome! Its the one he is on the blanket with Porter. So cute. And glad Porter is on the move and taking somewhat of a bottle!

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