Saturday, June 30, 2012

baby update: 9 months in, 9 months out

*apologies in advanced- my spell check in blogger is on the fritz the last few weeks- so excuse the many typos*
monthage: 9 [weeeiiirrdd]

poundage: 21lbs 8 oz--- so we are graduating to our convertible carseat, which i am not too excited about. i love driving with him falling alseep in the car then pulling his carrier into the house to continue sleeping while i do something productive fbs. now i'll have to wake him up. worst.

teethage: solid 2 on the bottom [with a third breaking ground in between] and semi-2 on top that are just cutting. the poor little guy has a runny nose as a result but these haven't been as bad as his first ones were, thank goodness.

what rocker does this outfit resemble??
the highs: going to storytimes at the library! the first one we went to was full of older kids so a bit out of his reach but the lady was fabulous. the second was a baby specific one and the dude was a ben stein impersonator. preeetttyy terrible. it was nice getting out of the house though- and we signed him up for the summer reading program because a) the force you to b) you get a free board book! he's also had lots of fun swimming at his mema's with his girlfriends. i generally just love this age! he is so fun- we play hide & seek a lot, catch [well- he throws i catch]. i feel like he's also become quite the liam nielson- you know, "you can run- but i will find you" sort of thing. and when he does, he is instantly crawling up my legs, crying to be held [so this doubles as a low]. but he is so much fun- i just love this kid!
let me iN! the toilet is calling my name!
the lows: we tried to go to a marionette show at the library but stupid mini-van moms overtook the library and we got turned away. i was quite bitter- still am. one time swimming at mema's, he was lying naked post-swim and almost peed on charolette. pretty hilarious but not his most shinning moment. oh and he's got croup again- not as bad but still, poor guy. and he's still high maintainence [sP?!]- so i guess that will never change. seriously, where does this kid get that from? oh and he's very into grabbing hair & faces- which is all cute except for his sharp nails that scratch no matter how often i cut them.
haha mom- think THIS will keep me out?!
foodage: he hates food. his food. refuses to eat baby food at all- every once in a while he will from those squeezable thingys but mostly he likes to squeeze it and let it fly all over me. he loves puffys but those are treats. i've started giving him cheerios because they are loads cheaper [so i don't mind if one drops on the floor- as opposed to puffys when i'll make him eat those floor ones- hey! they're expensive!]. well, he knows the difference and doesn't love those as much. so in a nutshell, my chubby baby hates food. oh the irony.
when i don't let him in the bathroom while i clean
what landon loves: his mommy! he's gotten quite needy which is horrible but amazing at the same time. about time he starts liking me! he's also gotten more independent. i'm trying to let him play on the floor himself or let him wander room from room. but i'm not gonna lie, the first time he left me in a room i got all teary. my baby is flying to coop all too soon. he also loves puffys, fake baby vegetable cheetos, water [as always], swimming, cords, computers, slurpees, kids, going places, climbing on everything. his storytimes at the library.

what landon hates: being told no, not getting what he wants, staying in one place too long, getting changed, getting his boobers stolen from his nose, eating- anything but puffs. not being held. bedtime.

what landon can do: crawl crawl crawl! this boy is everywhere- which is great except when he goes places he should [the bathroom] and play with things he shouldn't [toilet water]. standing on anything and everything [the couch, the entertainment center, the wall, our bedroom furntiure, his jumper]. starting to stand for a few seconds at a time on his own. we've had to completely redecorate our house to babyproof and i'm a little bitter my beautiful bookcase with plants is gone.

what we're working on: eating food that's not in puffed form. standing. walking. sliding off the couch backwards. walking along the couch. falling alseep on our own [which he is taking to 'screaming himself to sleep]. being not cranky. not waking up at 6. taking more then 20 min naps.

how he's sleeping: finally! the month has come that landon sleeps through the night- consistently. once in a while he'll wake up at 4am screaming but that's few and far between.   i spoke too soon. wrote that a week ago and now he's back to waking up at 4am screaming until he gets what he wants [over an hour usually]. i need to buck up and just let him go but it's hard to reason with a sleep deprived zombie that early in the morning. honestly, 9-6 is nothing for babies but for landon, that's asking him to sleep olympic sized proportions. so i will do WHATEVERITTAKES to get another hour in. [seriously?! how does this kid not sleep?!] next round, hopfully i will have a kid that will scream it out for less then an hour and get the point. and maybe i'll be a tougher mom from the beginning.

book just wear him out
how mommy is doing: didn't you read the last post? i'm running off an average of 6 hours of sleep every night. as one who, in high school, willing went to bed at 8am--- it's been rough. it's been a rough 9 months. and there's no nap reprieve because who can honestly fall asleep in 20 min and feel refreshed? so ya....i'm getting near my edge of sanity. most days i only wear yoga pants and a good day is one where i clean a bathroom and wear jeans for at least an hour. i just love being a mom though. every night when he's finally asleep, i sneak in, stare at my little angel and think "oh he's not that bad" [he is]. it's a wonder how heavenly father really helps us mothers forget how awful our children are- and how horrible birth is- so keep us happy, sane, and having more. because from 4am - 8pm, i do NOT want any more kids right now. but every night at 9pm, i start to feel those yearnings for another. [well played heavenly father- prime baby-making time too]. well, not any time soon let me tell you.
the 1st carseat we bought to match our collection - the stupid graco people forgot to mention it wasn't
rear-facing. still bitter about this
eating blinds, getting black hand prints on the wall from playing in the sliding glass door jam- so many naughty things at once

what we're looking forward to: his first birthday party! i know, a few months out but i am getting so excited! i've settled on a puppy theme at a park- with his gf charlotte [whose having a purple party]- with pupperonio and pupcorn and puppy chow and everything! oh it's just going to be fabulous. we're also looking forward to a family trip in the near future [hint hint husband of mine]. trying new foods.

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Caitlin said...

Just now as I was sitting here eating breakfast with Abby, I realized I have missed out on prime bsing you.I was thinking "mel never wrote a baby update." Then I remembered I was in St. George, and needed to look back on your blogs. So sorry!

Anywho, I can't believe Landon is already 9 months old. And he is getting cuter all the time!

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