Tuesday, January 20, 2015

porter's pirate party

landon has another birthday party last weekend, to celebrate porter's birth. because really, one year old's don't know what a party is but their 3 year old brother does. we celebrated porter with an awesome pirate party! for landon's first birthday, i threw a lavish [for me] and expensive party at the park with his two friends- and it was ridiculous. so for porter i had to do something [esp since i love parties] so we had a no-present pirate party with pizza! and thankfully with the help of pinterest, i looked like a superstar with minimal effort.

justin created a dotted line 'map' up to our door, complete with an 'x' to mark the spot. in order to enter, the pirates had to say the pirate password a la 'jake & the neverland pirates'- yo ho ho! grandpa dave & kristi went with a pirate theme for halloween so they gave us a lot of their decorations to reuse for the party which was nice. the party was pretty small with only the irelanders and greens, plus grandparents but that was just fine with me. little buccaneers received eye patches and pirates hats as souvenirs which helped them when we went on a treasure hunt in the backyard! they found gold doubloons buried in the sand box- what treasure! for lunch we had costco pizza [only the finest for my friends], fruit, my mom's fabulous pasta salad, and blue jello cups with an orange slice and pirate flag in it [to resemble a ship- adorable!]. after lunch we opened presents, because no one followed the no-present rule, then enjoyed delicious blue cupcakes! porter especially loved the cupcakes. he truly enjoys his treats- which is funny because landon wouldn't touch his on his first birthday.

after cupcakes, unkie showed up and was wonderful enough to pretend to be captain hook for the kids. they got to fight him with swords [some more enthusiastically then others- like landon. he took out an eye]. in all it was a great party- and a long long day! thankfully with my mom in town, she took the kids for two hours at night so justin and i could sneak away for some alone time [aka after the kids are in bed].

i feel so incredibly blessed to have porter in our family. despite breaking his two top teeth on his birthday and party, he was such a sweet and happy kid. i feel so lucky to have him. i remember feeling so scared that i couldn't love another person like i love landon- but i do. i just love them for different reasons. my mom brought up something i said in the hospital when i was delivering porter. i told the nurse that there wouldn't be a third baby if this one turned out to be another landon and the nurse thought that was hilarious that a mom could be planning on having another one while delivering a baby. well the lord heard me! he sent me a happy and easy baby! i love you portabella!
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KinderTeach said...

Porterhouse is such a cute happy baby. Even better, he Iikes Mom now. I'm really sad I couldn't be there for the party. Happy first birthday Porterhouse.

Caitlin said...

This sounds like it was a way cute party! You are such a good mom. i can't plan a party worth a darn. Maddie just had a family party with a bbq and cake. No theme, therefore no fun. I love Porters double-chinned grin. He is such a handsome, adorable baby!

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