Friday, January 16, 2015

[last] baby update: porter poo my 1 yr old

monthage: 12

poundage: 21lb

teethage: 2 top slices and 2 top nuggets under the surface

what porter loves: his mama! such a mama's boy- which is nice but at the same time so annoying when i can't leave the room without him following, whining. he loves to snuggle me and just be close- whether his head is on my shoulder or just sitting in my lap. he's much more affectionate then landon was. he loves hanging upside down with his head back and swings. he loves his brother and just wants to play with him so badly, but landon just steals from him. it's a love/hate thing. he loves balls, he loves treats, he loves drinking my water, loves getting into the fridge & pantry, loves walking, and LOVES the toilet. porter loves to laugh and does it often! right now when i say 'uh oh' he just loses it- it's hilarious!

what porter hates: he hates it when people have something and aren't sharing. he does his 'hulk smash' grunt because he refuses to be left out. he doesn't like vegetables unless they are in baby food form. not a fan of the carseat but he's learning. he doesn't like it when his brother steals from him but he hasn't fought it much at this point. doesn't like his toes or nails clipped.

what porter eats: chicken nuggets- dude loves his chicken nuggets. he's not much for fruit or vegetables [man, i never thought i would have called myself spoiled with landon but i was. dude still eats like a champ]. he loves his carbs as well; baby cheetos and graham crackers are a favorite. he loves treats and basically anything that you are eating he thinks he is entitled to. he loves baby food still and i'm trying to phase that out, which might be a problem. he is kinda weaning himself off the boob and taking a bottle a little bit more. i've tried whole milk and he's just not as big of a fan as landon was instantly but i'm working on it. i am done nursing.

what porter is working on: walking better but he does pretty good! he can push himself up from where he falls and he's working on bending over to pick things up. working on his top two teeth cutting through. growing hair on the top [it's starting to 'fluff down' a little which makes me sad. he's getting a bit of a mullet in the back so i think a haircut is in his future]. sleeping through the night- right now he sleeps [roughly] 7pm-6am. not bad! he's waking up sometimes, usually once a night, to cry but i just leave him be and he's done it less and less. 6am is not a happy time for me but landon is usually up at 5:40am anyways so i've just accepted my fate. i'd much rather an early riser then a late to bed-er. we're also working on baby sign language- not a lot, just the basics- eat, milk, more, food and all done.

what we're looking forward to: his birthday party! pirate porter is having a party! we are excited! i hate that his birthday is after the holidays. he doesn't need any toys and everyone is kind of partied out but still, we have to celebrate his first birthday! grandma shell is coming to town so that will be so fun. we're excited for warmer months and more teeth. and i'm hoping a trip to d-land in april- fingers crossed!

porter is seriously just a happy and very carefree baby! everyone always remarks how good he is at taking a tumble [bc he's chronically ignored] or at playing by himself [ditto]. he is such a joy. i love his snuggly little tush and the laughs he easily will give. he is easily tied for first favorite child!
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Kari said...

Happy Birthday Porter! He's such a cutie, and I'm so happy he's so much fun. I wish I still had a baby that wanted to cuddle all the time. Enjoy it!

I know exactly how you feel with the january birthdays and the lameness with Ammon's birthday on the 12th. But I hope the pirate party is a smashing success :)

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