Saturday, January 24, 2015

life lately: lack of pic love

like i've said before, i've been somewhat losing steam on the blog front and it's quite evident in my lack of pictures. like today- today we fed the ducks and visited a petting zoo with some friends - and zero pictures were taken! what is the world coming to? so accept my apology and let's hope for better things in the future.

life lately has been pretend - pretend play all day! we've been stuck at home a bit more often with sick friends, no school and nothing to do. landon has used this time to really up his imagination- here he is in his space boots [which he would kick on when i pulled out the phone- only to tell me to take a pic. we did this 3x]. he especially loves pretending his bed in a pirate boat. life has been at the park where porter perfected his walking with some nice new friends and a great dad who played with a giant group of kids, so the moms could sit back and do nothing. my kind of day at the park. we've been playing with our bestest of friends kellan & tanner- complete with tons of beating and wrestling. i guess that's just what the boys do! and life has been tooth-tastic as porter finally got some- and bit me with. i am about done nursing.
lately we've been having some silly time! here landon is posing in his brother's 12 month pants- i can't believe they actually went up [this was my fault, btw]. life has been a water snatcher and the cutest little face you ever did see. mom water just tastes so much better- and mom food and mom's couch and mom's lap. i know, not really a problem unless it's dessert. mommy does not share treats. it's been a happy birthday boy and some delicious broccoli soup with a side of bread bowl.
lately, this popcorn vacuum [which we call it] is porter's favorite toy and daddy's least favorite. he wasn't securely walking at this point so it was hilarious to see him bend down- fall - stand up - bend down - pick up popper - walk one foot- drop it. it's been some long awaited anniversary flowers from my beau and a train of books from a little boy who just did not want to go to bed. and some delicious chocolate chip muffins because... why not?
lastly, life has been hanging with our second cousins and mom getting a haircut. it's been a silly boy who doesn't just want to be super at one thing- he wants to be super at all of them! and he can! speaking of my superstar, look at the 'secret message' he decoded and stamped himself. i'm such a proud mama bear! and i'm a lucky mama bear as well. look at my sleeping snuggle bunnies. i just love my fellas.

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KinderTeach said...

L is pretty super which is why Buzz Lightyear considers him a cool little dude. And my cute little Porterhouse needs to see how delectable aunt water is. Ask Bree, she makes a beeline for it whenever she sees me.

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