Friday, September 28, 2012

a party for all parties

nothing says happy birthday to a one year old like a smashing party that they won't remember or even care about! i know, i know- i couldn't help it. this party was for me- happy anniversary of a horrible labor and happy you-kept-your-baby-alive-one-whole-year party. whatevs, it was awesome.
welcome to my party- this is the way to food
i really wanted to do a pirate themed birthday party but alas, landon loves dogs. and by loves, i mean he loves to stare at them and get tentatively close to them but will freak out if they get anywhere near him. so naturally that was the theme i was going for. i found such cute inspiration and ideas and almost none of them came to pass, considering money and the fact we were outside. but whatevs, fun was had. it's not one of those parties that everyone will pin on pinterest and look back on and ooh and aww but it was lots of fun and that's what matters. so i'll let the pictures tell a story.

sit back, relax- there are tons.

we had tons of food- which originally was apart of a huge theme. pupperoni pizza, bow-wow bow tie pasta, dog bone dirt cups, toilet water bottles, etc- but the cute labels didn't come to pass. still delicious though. umm...costco pizza

here's the awesome pinata i made from a huggies box- which proved to be impenetrable.  it was tons of work and so not worth it- next time i'm paying $15 for the cute cupcake at target. 

look! cute labels! that fell off on our way to the park so hastily glued on and not so cute. but cute idea in theory.

my handsome birthday boy- wanting my camera to play with and grumpy i wouldn't give it to him

3 babies = 3x the people. prob about 40ish. tons of fun!

grandpa had toby drag in his present- full of toys. isn't that the cutest wagon? huge hit!

3 generations of harrison men and toby- so 3 1/4

the happy harrisons

one table - notice the cute 'dog food'- which was coco puffs. 

centerpieces- a pinterest find of course
a month by month banner i made and had laminated- wrote things from each month that happened

as happy as landon ever gets

going for a stroll with haddie

mom? really- broccoli on my birthday?? actually it's one of his favorite foods
dirt cups with dog bones

some of landon's friends

like this wasn't intentional mom
the only zobrists at the party- with a family of 6 you'd think we'd represent but no

landon was the first to try out the pinata and was scared, of course. he wouldn't even hold the stick


justin loved being the puppet master

charlotte hated it too

the girlfriends

the mom club with the kids - we get together once a week [at least]  - love these girls!!

happy birthday partiers- hahaha

ooohh mom!! let me eat the candle....

he wouldn't even eat the cake- just the candle

mom.... where's the bananas? or the oreos? those are things i like

our happy family

am i done yet? oh and that's justin smearing the cake on his face. he wouldn't eat any of it

oohh!!! look at all those presents

his favorite present - and a great way to end the night
we had so much fun at his party. lots of people were there- lots of friends and food. hot temperature and an exhausted mom and baby. honestly, i'm glad it's over. love my little guy and i'm so glad we're done with the first year! hahahaa hopefully next year will be a bit easier!
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Kari said...

Happy Birthday to Landon! It looks like it was a blast :)

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness, looks like a fun party. Who am I kidding it was. Although I accidentally ate one of the dogs food instead of the coco puff dog food. Oops.

Seriously though, super creative and super cute idea. Love it!

Amanda said...

Those poor dogs, why are they in a 3x3 pen?!

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