Wednesday, September 26, 2012

weightloss wednesday: short circuit

a great way to mix up your training to try a circuit workout. they are great because they work a lot of muscles at once [maximizing weight loss], don't require tons of time and can easily be done at home because expensive equipment isn't needed. that's what i call a triple jeopardy. essentially, you complete a certain number of repetitions or allotted time then move on to the next exercise without resting- then complete the whole thing over again once you're done with the circuit [with a 30 sec/1 min rest]. this allows your heart rate to stay elevated-- meaning you burn more kcals.

phew- that was horrible right? i hate shop talk. i should start making figurines or something- maybe a cartoon? that was life is a whole lot more interesting when you read this blog. i mean really, i have a reputation to uphold.

so my suggestions for your circuiters- make a PLAN! whenever i do p90x the annoyer workouters always are writing down how many reps they did. so buggin but smart. write down what you want to do that day- then do it. nothing less. when you write it down, it's more concrete so you're more apt to doing it. do it to a great workout mix. if you can, do it outside where a) it's got a nice breeze b)you're less constricted by your environment and my favorite c) you're accountable! nothing is more motivating to finish a set or to keep your form then a judgy passerbyer [don't you like how i just add -er to anything? 3x this paragraph!].

here are some ideas for circuit trainings- check out this cool website that has TONS of circuit workouts. i also love finding workouts on pinterest based upon movies-- like so 20 jumping jacks every time hermoine corrects someone or do 15 lunges when bella falls. kinda fun but completely unrealistic for me. i prefer to watch my shows in peace on the couch- with a tub full of popcorn.
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