Friday, November 7, 2014

my little tricksters

if you don't know by now, i like to do holidays big. i can't help it! it's just so fun celebrating these things with my babies. remember how we did halloween last year? so many things it took two posts- here & here. i wanted to go to halloveen again this year but with landon 'of age' [aka 3 years old] it was just too expensive and not worth the money. and my favorite part of holidays, spending time with family! grandpa dave babysat landon and took him to a pumpkin patch- and spoiled him rotten. grandpas are great like that. 
for fhe one night we visited a local pumpkin patch with mema and had the greatest time with $12 any little boy could think of. landon played games, rode rides, and only screamed once- during the swing ride.
we also visited my brother at the annual car show. he loves halloween and he goes all out! this year they expanded to include a carnival. sadly i only had $2 but man we sure enjoyed those two rides we were able to do. landon was pretty scared of josh's halloween decorations but we still had a great time.
a few days before halloween we went to the halloween carnival at landon's preschool. we went last year and it was a bust. this year it was infiatly better! landon got to sit in a police car, hit the siren, and then lock mommy up in the backseat. [side note: the back seat of a cop car is the WORST! hard plastic chairs, zero leg room and weird seat belts]. his teacher miss alex was pretty scary as malificent and one of his soccer buddies giselle was a beauty as cinderella.

and can we just appreciate for a moment my two handsome devils. best friends!
landon's preschool had a little halloween party during the week with his class. i loved seeing him and his friends all dressed up. landon has made some nice new friends there and i have as well.

on wednesday we visited our ward's trunk or treat. grandpa dave and kristi decorated their car as a pirate ship and it was fantastic! dave even wore an earring! josh, angie, peanut and hudson even came with the pumpkin and handed out candy so we could make the rounds with the boys. our ward really knows how to do trunk or treating right. there was a bounce house, a slide, two-court volleyball pit, carnival games and a haunted house. too bad landon was terrified of all of that. it was so sweet though; poor little porter was a tired pumpkin and fell asleep on justin.
luckily we didn't get home too late and we were able to go over the candy rules with landon.
1- everyone gets one piece of candy per day
2- we share all of our candy
3- don't question when all your candy disappears
not really the third one but he did graciously share all of his candy, which is slowly disappearing.
on halloween day we visited the library for a fun halloween storytime with some friends then visited mema at school, where porter was able to don the pillsbury dough boy outfit. third generation right there! my big boy is growing up so fast- look at him with that sippy cup.
halloween is also nevada day, which is a big dealio in a household of public servants. well, one public servant. well, technically not a public servant but still, a servant to his wife. after an adorable posed picture with my boy's nevada day shirts, we visited the springs preserve to take advantage of free admission. along with everyone else in the city. we used to have a pass there and i still feel like i used to. it's a cool place for older kids but not so much for toddlers. as you can see from landon's face in the bottom picture. he was being a brat and wanted to stand by the spider. he wasn't trying to hug tanner.
the visit to the springs was eye opening for one reason alone- it made me realize that the greatest sandwich shop in town has closed. without my knowledge. i have been looking forward to my birthday lunch there for months! it's not close so i can't go there often. i took this hit pretty hard, let me tell you folks.
halloween night was probably the most low-key of the whole month. we visited peanut and josh at the farm then mema. daddy was able to make it home before it got too late, unkie came and scared the crap out of landon with his ted [the bear] costume, and landon trick or treated to a few houses in the neighborhood. not a bad ending to a great month. as you can see, we are all pretty wiped out.

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KinderTeach said...

Now your birth days can officially start. Only about a week left of your birthday celebration. Although I don't know how you are going to top your birthday after Disneyland.

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness. You really do go all out for holidays. Halloween was a bust for me thanks to working. Man, i am sounding like such a debbie downer tonight. Darn me!! Seriously though, your Halloween activities sounded like so much fun!

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