Monday, November 3, 2014

life lately: my pride & job

life lately has been full of joy & smiles. i mean, look how happy that guy is being pushed around by his brother. seriously, i am so happy that landon has a best friend. i just love these two!
 lately, we've been crafty in the harrison household. i completed my 25 days of christ ornament kit. i am so excited to start this in december. our girls night this month centered around completing them with each other. it was a blast! justin also made me this fantastic blanket ladder but sadly, it didn't really work in the one spot i had planned so i am giving it away to meghan. one day. [side note: i showed him a picture of one of these months and months ago and said 'how cute is this? maybe one day you could make me one] and then he just did. my husband is just fantastic.] life has been bubbly as landon channeled his favorite aunt. and it's been spooky as landon's preschool class was suddenly transformed into spiders! seriously, just adorable.
life has had it's ups and downs and in betweens. up- smiling and giggling through porter's first croup. down- crying for some ridiculous reason that i have since forgotten. in between- the crib rails. and up again as landon tries on his old puppy hat! holy flashback from last carson stay!
like i said, life was been croupy and crappy. my little fellas got sick but i feel lucky this is porter's first sickness and he's 9 months old. way longer then landon. summer babies really do stay healthier. but not happier- look how adorable those dudes are on their box! life has also been a little more mobile as porter has decided he now wants to walk. hold your diaper kid, learn to crawl first.
 lastly, life has been just plain wonderful. i love spending my days with my boys doing boring things like running to sam's club. i love snuggling them as they fall asleep and i love seeing them grow up in my eyes.
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KinderTeach said...

What do bubbles have to do with his favorite aunt?

Kari said...

Cute boys! I'm glad the sickness isn't too bad and that it's taken this long for Porter to get sick.

Caitlin said...

Ah. Your life is cute. I really hope i am back to being home with my girls soon. I didn't realize how much I would miss it. Hope your kids get to feeling better soon!

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