Friday, October 17, 2014

our gaycation to utah

with my mom's departure from las vegas, i knew i needed to go see her. i suggested going alone but justin thought it would be fun to go as a family. fun. ha. it was definitely an adventure. thursday we left town and drove to cedar cedar. we figured it would help break up the long drive- and man it was a long drive. a few weeks ago there was a giant storm that washed a road away- a ROAD - on the way to utah. it caused an unbelievable amount of traffic that was pretty unbearable with two little children. the kids were so wired and did not want to sleep- so that was fun. the morning brought the most delicious donuts i've had in a long time. for as much as we drove, i think the kids did incredibly well. and i'm thanking my lucky stars for our car DVD player. we pit stopped in fillmore for landon to play and i witness a little country boy was playing alone [with his parents a little bit too far away for my comfort] and he dropped his pants and peed right there in the playground dirt. i was so disgusted and amused. i told several people about it and remarked how 'that's just how country kids do it i guess'. no one saw but me and his sister but it was hilarious. we had lunch in lehi and spent an hour at the thanksgiving point farm. landon even got to ride a pony. it was hilarious how excited we were for landon- and how excited he way. this was the exact opposite of the reaction of the other kids/parents. for reals, i know we're city folk but i think riding a horse is exciting!
after that we drove up to brigham city and had a quick dinner with my mom at this delicious bakery. then drove back down to ogden for justin's 5 year mission reunion. i feel so bad we haven't been to one yet. sadder still, it was the smallest reunion to date. it was still nice though to meet his mission president and wife. i wish i would have taken pictures because we looked amazing, all gussied up. the boys were holding on to dear life but it was worth it.
saturday we went back to ogden to visit the treehouse museum. we missed out on our family's last visit so my mom suggested we go back. it was so much fun! most people were at home watching conference [suckers]. we pretty much had the place to ourselves. landon particularly enjoyed the firetruck, knights room, and diner. we had a wonderful lunch at this riverside pizzeria where an adorable little kitten accompanied us. we played some more at the museum then drove to my parent's farm while the kids napped. once at the farm, the kids [and we] went crazy! driving the polaris all around the property and surrounding areas, going to visit the sheep farm & cows, driving down to the lake and skipping rocks. it was the perfect afternoon with my favorite people. we took a stroll through papa's garden and even pulled up some corn for landon's show and tell the following week. threw more rocks in papa's creek. we went into town for dinner at a delicious mexican restaurant [surprising right?] where i enjoyed a virgin strawberry daquirri. that night we went swimming back at the hotel and enjoyed a more chill night together as a family.

the following morning, justin left bright and early for a little vacation of his own with steven golfing the courses of northern utah. the boys and i went back to the farm for a [chilly] morning with papa, grandma shell & conference on tv. a train track runs right through my parent's property so we were able to catch a morning ride through- landon almost died! about naptime, i drove down with the kids to my favorite sister's house. a little more conference, some lunch and playing in her community park was just what the doctor ordered. we had a great night with shannon & charley- even did a bit of hill rolling! that night was a terrible one- porter started eating every two hours through the night just to cause me pain so i made him scream it out and landon is the wiggliest sleeper [meaning he kicks me repeatedly through the night, talks, and even fell out of the bed]. monday we met my bff8 caitlin & her chicklins at wheeler's farm. it was lots of fun just hanging out with them- i wish we lived closer! the kids had a great time on the 'train' and seeing the animals but goodness gracious it was hot and i was grumpy. we had a great old mcdonald's lunch then headed back for naps. we were able to visit shannon at school post-naps then had a delicious dinner together before i got some alone time to shop then eat an absorbent amount of calories with my college gals! i wish more of them could have come but i still just had so much fun! they bring out a different side of me and we always are laughing the whole time.
i was quite worried about the drive home the next day with the kids by myself and let me tell you, i had reason to worry. honestly, the kids did such a great time considering how many miles we did in such a short amount of time [1400!]. they slept for a bit so i was able to listen to conference talks i missed. we stopped for lunch in fillmore again. remember the story about the country boy peeing on the play ground? guess whose little city boy did the same thing? i was so disgusted! it was an all-around rough time in fillmore. at least they had costa vida so i could carb up. the boys didn't really lose it until cedar city and onwards. it was pretty terrible. i did find a park in pahrump that helped us release some craziness. my mom once told me she knew all the parks from vegas to blanding- now i get it. parks on the road are a saving grace. i am so thankful for such a great trip, amazing family to visit and a supportive husband who endures these 'fun' vacations.
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KinderTeach said...

It was a great time. I love having you here in my small house. Though next time I think you should put L on the air bed in the other room. We can put Porterhouse in the hallway

Caitlin said...

I loved our slow motion run into each others arms. I miss you. I think its time me and Sam come down there soon.

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