Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a month of balloon & streamers

phew! i can't believe september is over- it is seriously a month of birthdays and cake and parties. and i love it! what is it about the new year and cold weather that draws people together to create babies? i don't know but i have two of the greatest three men i know born in this month. justin's birthday was low key, just like he likes it. his birthday landed on a work and school day so the day before about 3pm i decided to throw an impromptu party, much to justin's dismay. it didn't go any way i wanted it to go and justin was definitely not a fan. oh well! he did get his idea of a birthday party that weekend. we have a tradition with the irealanders where we go out for a fancy dinners. we are not fancy people but our boys do enjoy their steak and lobsters. justin carefully combed through the restaurants of las vegas and chose joe's in cesar's. getting downtown on a saturday night was no easy feat- especially with the valet full. we had to park a mile away and walk through the casino in heels [me, not him]. let me tell you, it was not off to a good start- but it sure ended well. we had a great waiter who suggested amazing dishes. the boys stuffed themselves silly with an insane amount of seafood and red meat. and those potatoes, ugh i'm still dreaming about them. they're called lyonnaise potatoes- basically shredded potatoes fried in a block with caramelized onions on top. so delicious. i hate seeing food pictures but i just had to take this one. after our most expensive dinner ever [let's just say it cost half a drone. which is what justin wanted for his birthday and sadly did not get], we went to green valley ranch for our annual bingo night. we only do it on justin's birthday and really, i don't see why we did it again. #1- it's gambling #2- it's not fun. last year it was fun because we had never done it and we did paper bingo. this year we did electronic = not fun. you just basically sit there for an hour hoping you win. spoiler alert- we didn't. it was still a great night away from the kids.
 landon's birthday was the real crown jewel of september. we both have been extremely excited for his party- planning it for months! i said it would just be a small, chill party but it got bigger and bigger with time. landon had a blast! we had several of his friends and their parents [who are our friends], gorged on costco pizza and cupcakes, and jumped our little hearts out. i was terrified the hail the day before was going to move our party inside [aka a disaster. our house is not big enough to house that many people indoors] but thankfully it dried up.
landon got some amazing gifts [hulk costume, trampoline, giant art kit, legos, tmnt dolls, tmnt shell & various weapons, to name a few] and enjoyed his cupcakes. what he didn't enjoy was when unkie came as the villain and the kids were supposed to defeat him with silly string. #1- they were terrified. #2- they couldn't really figure out the silly string. hilarious. justin had school and work on landon's actual birthday so the night before we had a delicious dinner at bj's [complete with a pb smore pazookie = earth shattering]. the day of we visited the dinosaur park with friends and ate at old mcdonald's with mema & the greens. what a great birth month! he's already planning his next birthday - teenage mutant ninja turtles!

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