Sunday, October 12, 2014

turn off the boob tube & read: mothering aka the losing of your mind

my friend meghan is really into self-help and parenting books. she loves learning how to help your family or your kids be better. ahh, i think we're good enough. actually i think it's pretty amazing to have an interest in something that could actually help you. i don't think these fantasy and YA novels really do much for me, other then helping me escape my reality. speaking of my reality, i am really missing my mom! it's amazing how much i depended on her- and i didn't even know it. it's not like we spent countless hours together or she babysat my kids all the time. we would just go to the store together- and talk. or i would go visit her on my nights without justin- and talk. i miss connecting with her like that- because i am not a phone talker and we both seem to just do better interacting in person. either way, i've been struggling some days with my kids. some days are just hard and i really need a time out to re-gain that spiritual perspective. i love reading my scriptures but it's hard to sometimes apply it to the situation i'm in. that's why i love this book! i seriously cannot stop reecommending this book to people. it's been amazing. mothering with spiritual power: book of mormon inspirations for raising a righteous family by debra woods.

meghan and i do this thing where we text eachother every day post-scripture study and share an insight we had. this is a great way for us to remind us to read our scriptures, to be spiritually uplifted throughout the day and also to read with a purpose [of sharing]. i am currently reading the later chapters of the new testament [come on paul, snooze alert] so reading one of these short chapters helps me feel spirituall fulfilled, even if what i ready isn't really applicable to me. seriously guys, if you are a mom or have a mom or will be a mom one day [that's everyone], check out this book. it's fantastic.
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