Friday, October 10, 2014

life lately: it's raining men

life lately has been on the move. we have soccer practice each week and let me tell you, it is the highlight of landon's day! porter loves it too because then he gets extra attention. both of my boys are getting too big, too fast. it's been squishy [thanks dad] and it's been sour- but apparently delicious. why do babies love lemons? they are disgusting!
 landon hasn't been himself lately. he's been sir landon, rescuing princess mommy from the evil dragon daddy. or fire fighter landon, off to save the day. or buzz light year with a galaxy in trouble [both of these were at kid's kingdom, an indoor play place we visited for taylor's birthday]. or a tmnt who has some bad guys to destroy.
 speaking of taylor's birthday, that was fantastic. porter enjoyed kid's kingdom.... until he didn't. look at all those liquids. all because mommy had the gall to put him down. but notice their matching outfits. i really HATE having my boys match but it kind of just lined up that day and i thought, why not? they are adorable. and easier to spot in a crowd of crazy kids.
 life has been great as i found porter's blessing shirt is now too baggy- hazzah! [and my mom pointed out, my butt is smaller too. thanks mom] it's been porter leaning forward and getting the itch to crawl. it's been these dove's that i would give my left kidney for. and it's been heart warming as my little booger boy finds joy in his reflection- much like his mama.
 lately it's been full of men. i mean, my life is always full of men. look how happy porter is to be a big boy in the car. and that gem of a choo-choo train? i just stumbled upon that. not orchestrated at all. life has not all been peaches and cream though- some little boy thinks he doesn't need naps but in reality, he really really does need them.
 life has been singing and dancing in a summer rain storm. that lasted about 2 hours.
 lastly, life has been dreamy. my little porter belly is on the move even in his crib and i often find him with limbs poking out or stuck in places. i just love this age. it's also nice to know we are well protected here at the harrison household from any twilight intruders. even porter thinks he can protect us. it's nice living with men.

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KinderTeach said...

It was so much fun having you and your men visiting for a few days. Thanks for letting me be a part of Sir Landon's quests and feeding him slurpees, Ms, and Cheetos. Thanks for sharing Porterhouse giggles. I had a great time playing blocks, puzzles,firefighters and cops. Although I did notice you forgot your TMNT poster. I'm telling Landon on you.

Kari said...

You're looking fantastic as always, and so are your boys :)

Sam said...

You have the cutest little boys in all the land. And you seriously are looking fantastic!! I wish we lived closer!

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