Monday, October 21, 2013

happy hallOVeen at OV

we just had the greatest time last weekend! we visited opportunity village's hallOVeen. opportunity village is a non-profit that helps people with intellectual disabilities receive training & find employment. every year they have a stellar magical forest that's the most most popular event at christmas time in las vegas. i'm not sure if this is the first hallOVeen experience but it was for us and we were not disappointed. they had the whole place decorated in halloween garb but it wasn't scary at all. all the rides & attractions were tailored for young children and landon was able to enjoy all of it. worth the $40 for sure. 
 landon's favorite by far was the train [we rode 4x]. he also loved going down the giant slide on a tube with daddy [although judging by his facial expressions, you'd think he hated everything. he just plays it close to the vest- we're trying to raise a maverick here] and begged daddy to take him golfing. they even had a miniature stick for landon to hit the ball- adorable. we also rode the carousel [he didn't cry! a big improvement from last time], made a spider craft and went through a trippy [and dizzz-ing] 3D halloween house [not scary at all]. they also had a few stations opened where kids could 'trick or treat'- which landon quickly mastered. oh, and of course had some funnel cake.
 you know those nights where you just leave exhausted & poor but completely happy? that was this night. we just had so much fun letting landon experience these new things. people always say they enjoy birthdays/parties/etc. with kids and i always thought that was a gigantic load of crap. bc i'm pretty selfish- but it's true. everything is better with kids. well, not everything.

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Caitlin said...

Boy that sounds like it was a ton of fun! The best place for a toddler to play. so fun!

Amanda said...

That's awesome! My cousin works with OV so thank you for supporting :)

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