Friday, October 18, 2013

life lately: butterflies, pot pies & bruises

life lately has been a little boy who is getting harder and harder to make fall asleep- like 30-60 minutes and repeated stories/books/singing/screaming it out. it's been a successful first attempt at a homemade chicken pot pie [even the crust]. it's been a very happy birthday for my baby bear- including a dollar for his very own slurpee [thanks aunt shannon] & three [now two- one sadly drowned] baby chicks from uncle josh.
life lately has been landon learning how to set the table and doing quite a good job, if i do say so myself. it's been a fatty mom [more about that later] and landon loving his scooter & helmet [another wonderful birthday present].
life has been pumpkin painting with taylor & landon, for once, being the one who doesn't eat the paint. it's been a fantastic evening spent with grandma shell & papa z, including a 30 minute tractor ride that lasted well after the sun set. landon kept singing old macdonald & telling grandma he couldn't wave to me because he had to drive. you can't tell from his lack of facial expressions or joy but he is extremely happy. he never wanted to get off. it's been fits thrown over daddy having pizza for breakfast & not getting any. he literally cried for 30 minutes over that stupid pizza. it's also been a naughty little boy who bit his mother so hard she got a purple bruise & blood spilt. i was not so happy.
life has been a pirate hat for captain landon & a night at mema's house while mom & daddy went to the temple. it's also been a visit to the spring preserve with our pal jason & landon loving being able to run wild with a big boy.
 life lately has been a [non-drugged, i promise] mommy & landon cooking time. his favorite thing lately is 'mixing' and helping me cook. so he helps me with little things here and there and even helped me make some chocolate chip banana bread muffins. it's been a wonderful springtime like season in vegas with butterflies a'plenty. and it's been lots of baby growing.
life has been landon working on his truck outside with his tools & his mama stepping on one of those nails & getting a horrible purple bruise on the soft part of my foot [soooo painful]. it's finishing a project  that's been in the works for over 6 months [not in love with the final product but it works]. and it's been the cutest little booger boy stealing my heart.

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Caitlin said...

You have the cutest maternity shirts! i especially love that flower one with the ribbon. And dude that bit looks like it hurts!!

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