Monday, October 14, 2013

pregnancy update: halfway & some change

weekage: 26 [more then halfway!]

poundage: 20- isn't that just delightful? i'm working out more this pregnancy but feel like i'm gaining more. probably because i'm home. at work you're busy so you don't have time to snack on skittles & ruffles but believe me, at home i do. in fact now all i'm thinking about is dipping some ruffles in ketchup...yummmmm

how i'm feeling: pretty well! i feel like this phase of the pregnancy is dragging on- i am kinda  showing but i swear i can still pass as fluffy. especially when i'm still wearing my regular garments so it cuts into my fat halfway and makes me look chunky monkey. so cute. i do like wearing my maternity clothes. nothing screams melissa like stretchy fabric. i've noticed that some things are harder for me then before, like picking up landon or heavier objects. i'm not quite as tired as i used to be but that doesn't stop me from napping everyday. i have more cravings - well not so much cravings - but when someone talks about a treat i can't stop thinking about it. like retro bakery's cupcakes. or bj's pizza. or nielson's frozen custard. such an oinker am i.

me in hs trying on maternity bellies - i thought being
pregnant would be so much fun. and it is!
how baby is feeling: he is quite the wiggle-worm and i love it. i don't really know if he is as wiggly more or less then landon but i think he's a bit more. obviously i don't really notice it until i lay down at night or for naps but sometimes he surprises me. he esp. likes to kick when landon is on my lap reading so i guess the sibling rivalry has already started. little baby no-name passed all of his genetic tests with flying colors, thank goodness. i know anything that can happen but it just seems a miracle that any babies are born without something wrong.

how landon is taking it: he likes 'riding baby brother' [sitting on my lap] or 'kicking' him when i'm pushing the grocery cart. then other times he's completely sweet like saying he's saving the seat next to him in the double-grocery cart for baby brother [then proceeding to flip the seat cover and saying he's bouncing brother out]. he also talks sometimes about putting baby brother on top of our homemade tent and saying he's going to swing him in it or share the crib with him. i think he's just really mixed up as to what's happening around him.

little baby no name's names: boy names are just the hardest! girl names, we have plenty but boys? nope. i like sawyer and justin likes william. justin is kind of a hard to please dude so most names he says no to. hopefully we can pin one down in the next month or so because i hate just calling him baby.

what i'm looking forward to: fall & all the wonderfulness that come with it [costumes, hot chocolate, halloween/thanksgiving/christmas, birthdays and scarves- i just love my scarves]. looking good [aka noticeably pregnant] in maternity clothes. having justin be able to feel the baby a little bit better.

what i'm not looking forward to: not being able to breathe when i bend down. losing my steam working out. stretch marks. gaining weight. but my baby is worth it all.
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Caitlin said...

When I was in my 20 weeks, i felt like pregnancy dragged too. They say you show earlier with your second, but I almost felt like I took longer to show with Maddi. So I know the feeling. You are looking quite cute though pookle bear.

KinderTeach said...

I am EXTEREMLY offended!! We discussed names way back before you were telling anyone. Your fetus is called Lemon, not baby no name!

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