Friday, October 11, 2013

trip to bonnie springs

for landon's birthday we took a trip to bonnie springs ranch in red rock. you'd think i'd have visited this place before having grown up but sadly, no. we had nothing planned on his actual birthday and justin had to work so i took meghan & taylor up to red rock for the morning. it's really kinda cool- bonnie springs is set up like an old western town. most days they have mock shootings, a hanging, and several little plays. there's stores and a petting zoo, which is what we came for. landon loves animals but today was just not his day. he did not want ANYTHING to do with ANY of the animals. maybe it's because we saw the train on the way in and that's all he could talk about but either way, he was not having it. when we first walked in we saw a deer just hanging out by the door. a DEER! there were the weirdest animals there [a kangaroo anyone?] but such a great time. the deer were extremely friendly and even bit meghan & my shirt. it was lots of fun to feed them as well, not that landon would do that. on the other side was tons of horses, a giant bull and a pond full of turtles and ducks- and peacocks! it was seriously so much fun. i just wish landon would have let us stay there longer and there could have been a place to picnic.

it's quite funny, the second we left there all landon could talk about was the firetruck [seen above- it wasn't even an attraction, just scrap in the corner] and the train [that wasn't running because it was broke and only runs on weekends]. it's been 3 days later and he's still talking about the hot firetruck, the scary animals and the train that daddy needs to fix. so i guess a trip back is in our future.  good times!

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Kari said...

That looks like an adorable little town and I would love to pet/feed/be close to a cute little deer!

Caitlin said...

Those animals are making my mouth water just looking at them. I bet it was so hard to not eat just an ear or something while petting them.

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