Monday, October 7, 2013

landon's dropping the deuce

last weekend we celebrated landon's second birthday in style with a giant bbq bash [minus the bbq]. since we had such a big first birthday i was determined to have a small affair this year. well that didn't happen. i just couldn't stop the train once it started- i wanted to invite all of landon's friends [and even had to leave out a few. with just the ones i invited there were 19 adults and 12 kids. i can't help it, i like my friends. we had landon's party on charlotte's actual birthday because it was her last day in town. the menu included pizzas, pasta salad, fruit, veggies, cupcakes and salad. the activity was pretty basic- playing with water in the backyard which is landon's favorite things. he seriously had just the greatest time, it made my heart swell to see him so happy. seriously, he was just in heaven. when it came time to open presents he was so excited for the first present, it took him a long time to even open the rest of his presents. which he got plenty of course. this kid is quite loved. his favorites include a planes busy book, a scooter, a helmet and the mexican plane from the movie [i cannot pronounce his name for the life of me]. he especially loved helping mixing the cupcakes. and now he constantly is climbing up on the counter and asking to help me mix. it was absolutely heartbreaking to say goodbye to charlotte and holly. he's already asked for them several times and it breaks my heart to say they've moved far-far away and are all gone. 
notice his glee from helping me mix- and getting to lick the beaters. earlier in the day we celebrated charlotte's birthday by visiting mcdonalds where he got these awesome batman glasses. here are the awesome cupcakes i made [thanks to our best bites], including fancy piping icing. which i will never again do bc that's just too much work. look at my cute little plumber with his gf charlotte.
during the party, the dudes played with justin's tailgating game he made [something about cornhuskers? really it's just a bean bag toss]. taylor really liked helping the boys.
landon LOVED eating outside with his friends. they would all eat a few bites, run around then come back to the plate that was unoccupied for a few more bites. like i said, he was just so happy the whole time. he LOVES friends [but still doesn't stop him from telling me often 'i want to bite my friends. i want to hit my friends'].
 such a big difference from last year where i couldn't get him to even touch his cupcake.

 on his actual birthday i was prepared to make birthday pancakes but he requested cereal and grapes. that morning we visited bonnie springs ranch [next post] with meghan & taylor then had dinner with the irelands and mema. sunday night justin and i worked like busy bee's to finish his big boy room. this room used to be justin's office/storage/guest room. we put up blinds, repainted furniture, put up wall stickers & pictures, bought lots of planes bedding/wall decors and put his presents on his bed. i can't underplay how much he has loved being in his big boy room. all of his toys/stuff is out of the baby's room and we don't go in there anymore so this is officially his room and the others is baby brothers. all of his toys are in his room so we play in there most of the time now. and he has so many fun new toys he's still quite enthralled to be in there. as far as sleeping goes, he had slept in there twice for naps and did pretty well. his first night sleeping in there was rough. he woke up crying a lot then was up at 5am. his second night was much better. we're starting to get back to the routine where justin puts him to bed and he told me last night he heard the door creak open. he went to check and looked inside the small crack and could see feet but no landon- he had crouched near the wall to prevent from being seen! so hilarious. this morning i laid in bed waiting for his cries but heard a sqeak instead. i looked in his room and it was empty! my heart stopped and then i found him crouched near the front door pooping. no idea how long he had been up. anyways its been a fun and interesting transition.
i just love that little boy though- he really is my everything and i'm so lucky to be his mom. he drives me crazy almost everyday but those early morning snuggles or times when he just clings to my neck, just melts my heart. i love him so much and i'm so grateful we had it to two. because let's be honest, i don't have the best track record for keeping things alive.
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Amanda said...

So fun!! Can you please plan my next birthday party ;) also i love that you mention you are grateful you made it to 2 hahahaha I seriously thought the same thing about Chance just making it to two months haha i'm thinking "well, i guess we are doing something right"

Caitlin said...

You are so good at planning parties. Landon is one lucky boy to have you as his mama!

Kari said...

I just love that purple shirt you had on. Seriously you have the cutest maternity clothes. And transitioning to the big bed is a fun part of growing up. Happy Birthday Landon!

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