Friday, October 4, 2013

life lately: choo-choos, chocolate and charlotte

life lately has been visiting the spring preserve with daddy and riding the choo-choo train- notice the glee on landon's face. it's been a little squiggly boy who can't be contained in one crib.
life has been taking helicopters everywhere we go and mommy eating a whole 4-pack of chocolate cupcakes by herself....which is utterly depressing but so delicious. it's been landon who could not make it as a pioneer, proved by his dislike of covered wagons from the nv state museum.
it's been landon wanting to eat his food on water bottles and mommy not caring because he's eating which is a feat in itself. it's been my pretty-pretty princess boy who loves dressing up in princess shoes and then putting shoes on his girlfriend charlotte [notice the minnie mouse ears on the back of his head]. and it's been a wonderful play date with mema and looking so handsome in his rebel jersey.
life lately has been eating breakfast with daddy and not even liking red velvet pancakes [which is ridiculous because they were delicious]. it's been landon loving to help mommy bake and stir. and it's been a naughty boy who was attempting to hide from his punishment.
 it's been landon helping mommy with his birthday cupcakes and being utterly ecstatic to lick the beaters. it's been another deuce in the toilet and justin bringing me some flowers- don't you love them?! i am so lucky.
 life lately ahs been landon again trying to be beautiful by putting on his helicopti [aka my flower headband]. it's been landon sneaking in some more chips and salsa then getting the great idea of mixing the two. really, quite genius. and it's been landon helping daddy shovel the rocks [notice his 'pirate belt' aka a strip of landscape fabric.
lastly, life lately has been landon sleeping for the first time in his big boy bed for a whole 2 1/2 hours - i'm one proud mama! it's been my handsome fellas painting his toy box and landon just so happy that he gets to help daddy with his tools. really, he LOVES helping his daddy with projects. makes me so happy to watch. and it's been landon loving to 'read to elmo' by elmo sitting on his lap who is sitting on my lap. hopefully this means he'll love to read to baby brother!

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KinderTeach said...

I've got the coolest nephew ever. He is a pretty, pretty princess and still comfortable with his manliness. I love that kid. He is the bestest Landon I know, and I know a few!!

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