Friday, May 30, 2014

it's bombin' to be mommin'

remember when i wrote this? still consider it a solid post. and honestly i could add a few more things to that list now that i have kids [more sleep, no baby fat, sleeping in, not having to share desserts, sleeping through the night, not having to endure disney channel, sleepsleepsleep] but i thought it might be fun to brag a bit about how awesome my job is. because really, i love my job. my bosses are tyrants and i am constantly dealing with crap from them but my co-worker is hot. i complain a lot but i love staying at home.

without any further ado, here's where it's bombin' to be mommin'
- snacks. they're with you all the time and if you're pregnant/nursing, it is always acceptable to eat. the other day landon started begging me for snacks and i told him i didn't have one. the look he gave me - i wish i had taken a picture - he was calling my bull. he knew i had snacks, i knew i had snacks. it's just what moms do.
- the newborn smell. it is worth dying for. i even love the spit up smell [of my own kids- when they're exclusively breast fed. basically i just love the smells associated with my boobs]. i get now why the old women in the 'hansel & gretel' story wanted to eat those kids. maybe she was jonsin' for some baby smells and settled for some kid ones. this explains why moms always are kissing their offspring.
- nap time. the spanish have this one down - siesta is where it's at! with one kid you can take a nap too. with multiples, you just have to deal with one. it is quite fantastic!
- not having to work-work. whenever i run to walmart or 7-11 [which is more often then i'd like to admit], i thank my lucky stars for a hardworking husband and for the greatest job in the world. great job because of the uniform of...
- yoga pants. all day. every day. and then the wonderful fashion industry created something equally as awesome- leggings. which are basically yoga pants that you wear a bra with. now we have maxi skirts? hallelujah.
- play group aka an excuse to let your kids go crazy so you can sit around and complain to your friends about husbands or bills or weight problems or pinterest recipe fails. justin brought up a good point one day. i get to see my friends often- that's pretty lucky.
- mom-mobile. at first this doesn't seem like a plus- i mean, mini-vans? more money at the gas pump? what's awesome about that? well, i'll tell you. more room = more stuff. pockets galore! and when it comes to kids, you need space. for the giant double stroller and car seats.
- field trips every week! we get to go play at the park, visit children museums, lunch at mcdonalds, swimming with friends- life is so much fun! [but it should be noted that with all this fun, you are never 'off duty'. that kinda stinks]
- you never need an excuse to make cookies or watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon. which i do. often.

being a mom really has been the greatest job i've ever had and also the hardest. i'm just grateful i get the chance to do it.

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KinderTeach said...

You do have the best job in the world. I am so grateful that you are able to be a stay at home mom and watch soaps and eat bon bons all day! :) You are blessed to watch those two kiddos grow. Count yourself lucky you are doing your dream job. And don't eat up my cuties! I still need to get my fill of them before you do that.

Caitlin said...

Being a mom is great. you are lucky you can stay home!

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