Monday, May 26, 2014

life lately: smiles & rolls

life has been little boys with heads in pants- simply because that's what little boys do, i've come to find out. it's been tummy time and a rolly polly boy at zumba in the mornings. it's been laying down for a few minutes with my evil friend, the laundry. and it's been a happy little boy who loves his garden.
life has been jew-like with our yamicas- porter is not pleased. it's also been a delicious cookie recipe that uses pudding and is quite delicious. i've made it at least a dozen times- these are with reeses' pieces.  it's also been messy with an independent 2 year old who wants to do things himself- including pouring a bowl of cereal that contained half the box and tons of milk. at least he didn't spill.
lately we've been spending quite a bit of time with grandma shell, including a fun ride on the ladybug train at the mall. it's been a little rebel in training and happy smiles.
life has been quite cool as i've getting loads of free swag from my slurpee points [which they have since discontinued. now you have to download the app and have them scan your phone whenever you buy stuff. a little too big brother to me but hey, a girl needs her slurpee swag]. awesome sauce glasses right? and i love my new summer shirt.
lately landon has been obsessed with his aunt shannon. like talking about her constantly. most likely because she spoils him rotten and buys him slurpees and cheetos. here he is quite upset that she has the audacity to work and not answer his facetime call. it's been funky words in landon's library book. since when is comfortable a verb? life has been pesky with flies galore. landon saw me swat at a fly so he wanted to 'spank' some bugs too he found outside. luckily those pesky flies didn't get my tomatoes.
our life has been dapper with porter in his handsome suit and tie courtesy of meghan. i have a strict no-vest policy in our family but i made an exception this one time. and i must admit, he looks quite handsome. life has been preparing for my mother's day lesson with my squiggle worm and being silly. it's been a big brother who was swearing his little brother was pulling his hair. lastly, life has been delicious. justin didn't want my casserole so he brought home pizza. that stinker. we still ain't the pizza though.

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KinderTeach said...

Look at the grumpy boy who can't talk to his favorite aunt. I love that kid! Pretty soon he can talk to me whenever he wants to. He loves his favorite aunt, and pretty soon Porterhouse will know that I'm the best too.
See you in a few weeks

Caitlin said...

"Comfortable myself to sleep?" hahaha!

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