Monday, June 2, 2014

a memorable weekend

i love holidays! mostly bc i means treats, family time, oh ya, treats. memorial day was beyond amazing for us. friday i had a couple friends over to swim and play in the sun. and by swim i mean splash around in our tiny tiny pool. i love being outdoors and its always better with friends. saturday we went as a family to the temple- landon's first time. justin and landon read this temple book at night and landon has asked several times about the las vegas temple [because he asks where we go and where we were married]. we set off bright and early but it's a long drive, especially for little boys who awake at 5am so they napped a bit on the way there. we walked around the grounds and saw the waterfall and flowers. inside we looked at the pictures of jesus. it's wedding season so it was full [for vegas] and inside the lobby landon loudly asked where the holy ghost was. we had just learned about him and talked about how he can help us feel happy and feel heavenly father's love. it was adorable.

afterwards we drove to henderson to look at some tile. we are thinking of redoing our floors and we found a tile we like. there are still a million things to do first [paint our cabinets, redo our fireplace, etc] but it was nice to get an idea. we had a yummy cafe rio lunch followed by naps in the car. that afternoon i went swimming with my mom at my aunt's house. it is seriously an oasis. she has a nice big kid friendly pool complete with a slide, diving board, basketball hoop, large landing for non-swimmers to play on and my favorite, lots of umbrellas for shade. even porter joined in on the fun on his first swim!

monday we went swimming as a family at my aunt's house again and got slurpees afterwards then have a bbq with our friends in the afternoon. the kids played in the pool, we ate delicious food and just hung out. throwing parties is hard work [buying and preparing the food, cleaning our house, cleaning the backyard] but it is so worth it. we love to have friends over!

justin put up a flag on our house which was a great reminder about what this day is for. we are so lucky to live in a land of freedom and choice. our military men and women have sacrificed so much. the gospel couldn't have come in a land that wasn't free so i am so grateful for them.
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Caitlin said...

Sounds like the best weekend ever! So cute about Landon asking where the Holy Ghost was. Hahaha! And those rolls on Porter in the swimming pool are lickable.

Kari said...

Sounds busy and fun! And I love Landon at the temple and your family picture outside of it. Such a good lookin' bunch!

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