Friday, June 6, 2014

life lately: lettuce & love

life has been delicious and calorie filled. i figure, if i can't sleep i can eat. doesn't help much with losing the baby weight, right? it's been funny conversations with my long distance friend and a sleepy baby who sucks his lower lip and has captured my heart.
it's been chewing mary moo cow as porter pattie works on growing teeth - tough business. poor second child with a knock off sophie. it's been a toddler having fun with my phone and getting a surprise in the mail from the book exchange! and it's been learning patterns and working on becoming a child genius.
 life has been delicious and green with our garden lettuce. seriously, justin has become an overnight garden sensation! it's been taking naps with half of landon's toy box [alright, prob a 16th of his toy box. dude has a lot of toys]. and it's been super landon being adorable at mema's.
 lastly, life has been music with my own little mozart. i love that he loves primary songs! it's been a snuggly baby who just can't get enough of his mommy and a handsome boy who can't wait to swim! bring on the pool!

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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh, Porters lips in the sleeping picture are so cute!! Also, that Superlandon picture looks like a mini Justin to me.

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