Friday, March 1, 2013

this week: the irelanders & us

this week[end]

they're simply ecstatic about coming
the irelanders are coming up north to spend time with their frozen friends in the frozen tundra of carson [forecast predicts a high of not quite as frozen as i'd lead you to believe].

meghan & i are going to have a day of fun on friday while justin participates in 'take your best friend to work day and hope he doesn't do too much damage'

saturday we are going to the unlv/unr basketball game and i've got a babysitter - hazzah! [i'm hoping for better results then last babysitter. i've already given her a trial run when i was sick and at home so i have high hopes.

saturday justin has his annual donkey/elephant game [dems vs gop] and let's hope for a repeat of last session.

saturday justin also has a fancy lincoln day dinner [remember when i went last year?] but sadly i can't go because he's leaving that early to go....

the two bestest of friends anyone could have
saturday justin is leaving carson to head to washington dc for a training for 2 days! i'm so excited for him - such an awesome opportunity to be in our nation's capital. plus he has family there he can see.

saturday the irelanders are leaving which leaves

sunday, monday and tuesday - landon and i will be lonely lonely people.
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