Thursday, March 15, 2012

my hubbyspend: the big dealio

in case you didn't know this, justin is kindo of a big deal around here. in our house - i mean, he's the guy that hangs up curtains and takes the trash to the curb so ya...the guys a stud. but he's also got a big fancy job too that is pretty bossum. justin works in politics and i had seen him intern up in carson but i never got to see him in his new position until a few weeks ago and let me tell you, it's like he kills spiders and picks weeds for LOTS of people in town because they think he's a big dealio too!

one of the perks [well, i think its a perk. he think its a hassle] of justin job is he gets to go to schmancy events and smooze with the big wigs in politics. i rarely get to go and even if i do get to go, i rarely want to unless they serve food [and not just nappetizers - i need a sit down dinner to get my lady curves into some spanx]...sooo this was the first event that both of those criteria collided and let me tell you....i could have done without. but it was worth it to see my handsome sailor in action. and man did he work that room, harder then $5 hooker at an amish tractor convention.

it was the cc republican lincoln day dinner - this soirees are about a dime a dozen. people are always holding some kind of dinner for big buckos to raise money for some cause/candidate. you'd think they would be able to afford better centerpieces....i guess not. either way, it marked the first night i didn't put landon to bed and i literally cried at our dinner table while his mema sent me pictures. the first thing i did when i got home was run to his crib to make sure he was ok [he was - which makes the selfish mother bc he should not be ok with me! not yet! i repeated tell him throughout the day that he is a) never allowed to hurt me b) that i'm the only girl he's allowed to love and c) he's never allowed to leave me. and he concures so boom].

so long story short - justin is bossum and i'm so thankful for a man who works so hard in his job to provide for his family.

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Kari said...

When we have events to go to like baby blessings, wedding receptions, etc (nothing as fancy as a political dinner) I always tell my husband I only go for the food. And I'm serious ninety percent of the time.

Caitlin said...

You look beautiful at your fancy political dinner. Even if it was LS. Still fun to dress up all nice right? And I, as well as Kari, mostly go to places for the food too.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, were those seriously the centerpieces?!? I can't stop laughing!

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