Monday, March 12, 2012

reader's request: my role model

proof you were at my wedding
welcome to a new segment i'd like to call reader's request - for the 5 readers of mine out there. feel free to put your own request in next time- not just a spotlight but commentary on a certain trend/show/person [skinny jeans? hate bc i can't wear them. snooki's pregnant? i guess the mayans got it right afterall]

this one goes out to my favorite big brother nate. you see, nate's birthday was saturday [and his anniversary is today]. he noted that i posted something on his birthday and completely failed to mention him. well lucky you nate, here it comes. and i'll try to keep it entertaining for those lucky enough not to be related to me.

i'm the cute one with the purse- he's in black
this is nate- my big brother. he's bald, tall and quite geeky. nate's about 10 years older then me so naturally, i remember quite little of him growing up [chalk it up to my self-centeredness that began at an early age youthful naivety]. i remember he was always tall and would tease us endlessly. he particularly had a fondness for having us sit on his lap- at church to conduct the music or at home while we belted out 'les miserables' [victor hugo, eat your heart out]. he even assigned us our own personal ballads, "my little corner" because i was the littlest youngest and cutest. i looked up to him so much, i even wrote about him in my car-shaped autobiography and called him my role model- granted, i was 8 so now that slot now goes to ke$ha & bruce willis but still...he'd round out the top 10. i remember he loved to walk around in his robe and we loving called him nune or squarehead. when he left on his mission i remember sending many colorful letters typed on my parent's typewriter at work with taped jolly-ranchers [wasn't i thoughtful? i knew he'd get hungry in texas]. once he got home he got married and forced into some horrid pale blue number [yes autumn, i'm still resentful] that did nothing for my coming-to-age-bustiness 12 year old self.

i'm the baby and he's the one who looks stoned
now that i've grown up i've become quite fond of my C.D.O brother. let's face it, he's an old fart but he's a pretty cool old fart. not only is he kind of a big dealio in the computer world but he has opened my eyes to various television shows that i'd otherwise be ignorant of. not only did he give me my favorite sister in law autumn but i also got my favorite ben & emily out of it, so he's not too bad. now i wouldn't say this to his face [because he's already got enough of an ego already] but he's really a great husband, father and brother - and i wouldn't die at the thought of becoming like him.

so all those mothers out there, keep your faith. your children will one day learn to enjoy each other's company, even if it takes 15 years and several murder attempts [not that i ever tried to kill nate, but i did several other family members].
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Anna Campbell said...

i believe the color was called periwinkle, and at least we didn't have to wear the mint green things Autumn's sisters had to wear!! Still not the worst bridesmaid dress to date.
READER REQUEST- you do a little somethin special for all your favorite siblings on their bdays. (the favorite in pleasant grove, the favorite in las vegas, the favorite in chandler, the favorite in herriman) Parents too...

KinderTeach said...

Oh what would our world be without Nathan. I mean seriously, how would we get our computers fixed? :)

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