Saturday, March 10, 2012

my fav things: julie andrews, eat your heart out

what does one right about when they are at a loss for words? their baby of course. and if they've already done that, then themselves. and my next post- about my hubbyspend. so buckle in people, you're in for a wild ride. since my life is currently in lame mode these days, i thought i'd entertain your eyes with these tidbits.

a few of my favorite things...lately
cane's chicken fingers & dipping sauce

i remember when i first had these, i thought they were just plain jane. as a chicken finger master, i know the difference between an ok and superb finger [chili's- my all time fav]. idk, all of a sudden they are ALL i've wanted when we go out. i've had then easily once a week, more like two times [hence my halt in weight loss]. thankfully i found this recipe on pinterest for their sauce but have not been brave enough to try it.

the great outdooors

i've always loved being outside and landon is the same way so we will regularly go on a long walk once a day [sometimes twice if he is especially cranky or it's too windy]. i get tan, get some fresh air and burn a few of those cane's calories off so it's a win-win [win]. once in a while i'll notice i'm just looking down, pushing through a hill and i remember the words of president monson in elder's cook's conference talk and remind myself to look up. the world is a beautiful place and too often we rush from one place to another, not looking at the beauty around us.
and for the record, i too do stroller workouts. this pose is what i call 'catching the 2nd baby'.

my mom

i've recently become devin, much to my dismay. i call my mom several times in a day and go up to her house often, it's quite pathetic. but we have fun together- lunches, walks, talks and trips to costco. i'm such a mama's girl.

party planning

i have a few friends having a baby this year which means i've got at least three showers to plan. a zebra/princess theme, classic pooh and dr. seuss. so i'm on the prowl for some awesome decorations and creative ideas. i recently finished about 85% of one diaper cake, with diapers that were about 14 cents each [typically they're about 22 cents a piece which is way more then this cheap girl will spend]. score!


i just love water - i especially love drinking my parent's well water but my brita does the trick too. i just love love love water. can't get enough. i especially love sharing my water with my sweet baby boy.

the hunger games

i've read these pearls a while back ago but i'm re-reading them in honor of the movie premiere march 24th - can't wait. it's nice to know my geekiness will continue to live on in a post-harry potter era.

the vampire diaries

one of my mommy friends suggested this series because i love twilight. i don't think my love of twilight allowed me to fall for the show but more of my love for tv. and drama. it's nothing like twilight except they both have vampires and werewoofs. it's like a modern 'dallas' with fangs. and a lot more blood.

our best bites cookbook

a few of my mommy friends recommended this then my cool married-no-kids friends recommended it too so i knew it was the shiz-niz if it's crossed that berlin wall. honestly, the best cookbook i ever bought justin to give to me for xmas. [buy it at walmart, cheaper then deseret book]. not one single recipe i haven't liked, it's all ingredients that are familiar with some new ones, and the recipes allow me to live dangerously. i feel like julia childs ever night - it's wonderful. plus they have a fantabulous blog so it's a win-win.

high chairs/grocery carts

when you are constantly holding your 17 lbs child, you look for new and exciting ways to put him down. since he is starting on solids, we buckled down and bought a high chair. he will sit in it as long as he will stay in any position [5 min top] but hey, i will take 5 more minutes. i am constantly giving him new things to keep him entertained while i clean the kitchen or i'll just prop him in front of the backdoor so he can see outside [his fav]. this led me to try him out in grocery carts, propped up with my purse and blankets. the wal-mart ones do nicely, target ones are a tad big but he LOVES it.

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Caitlin said...

After reading this, I now want to eat chicken fingers, and burn them off by speed walking in my sneaks with my stroller and stop to do the occasional stroller workout.

Also, I am annoyingly addicted to Vampire Diaries. It's not even that awesome and yet, I find myself hooked to it.

Oh and I really neat to get the cookbook. And I think I'll start following the blog.

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