Wednesday, February 29, 2012

baby update: leap day edition

it's so nice when your 5 month mark doesn't happen - thank you february. and happy leap day people. i hope you celebrate by wearing your blue and yellow and watching the leap day william's movie. live it up today people. it's an extra day to do everything you shouldn't. so i'm going to wear my skirt a little too tight, put on a little too much lipstick and do something trashy- like wear my pj's to walmart. because nothing counts on leap day, including calories. so i'm making these for my sailor and hope for a rebel win.
it's leap day - real life starts in march.

monthage: 4 months and 29 days - basically 5 months

poundage: too much for this mama to handle. dude sure knows how to pack it in his tiny frame - i'm guessing around 17lbs

how he's not sleeping: he's still waking up once a night and i know it's because he's hungry bc his little tummy growls so i've accepted it. i know he's getting better though- for the past couple of nights he's woken up around 5:30 so hopefully in a month i can stretch that into no feedings. he doesn't sleep hardly at all during the day - maybe 6 naps lasting 10 an hour. but it feels like nothing at all when you've got a kitchen to clean or more importantly, a blog to update.

what landon loves: tv [sigh]- i don't let him partake except with his dad for a bit at night when i clean up dinner or when i'm desperate. he's really learned to love baby einstein. he also loves playing with his spoon and fork. oh and his feet but won't touch them unless his pants are off. again, something he got from his mother. oh and he LOVES being outside, more then anything in the world. we'll just look out a window and it will shut him up. our walks are the high lights of both of our days. thank goodness for lovely vegas weather. he's also beginning to love bath time. i've got a small cup i'll pour water on him and his one goal in life is to get that and drink the water in but he'll usually get nothing and sometimes get too much then pour it all over his face making him cough [bad mom]. he loves doing that or chewing on his washcloth until he pees in the water, then mom gets mean and doesn't let him do that anymore.

what landon hates: looking at people for too long - it drives people crazy but there's just so many more interesting things to look at then someone holding him. he hates not being held still - or doing any activity for more then 10 minutes. so my day is a constant rotation of projects to keep his interest.

new tricks we've learned: well the foot in the mouth was kinda fun. he is better at tummy time but will only do it if the tvs on or a toy is in front of him, otherwise he is rolling right over. so he's tummy to back but no back to tummy which i'm grateful for - then i'll have to be a more cautious mom and i'm not ready for that step yet. he loves to stand up all the time until his little chubby legs give out but he is standing for about 50% of his day [the other 50% of me holding him- he does not sit or lay down alone let me tell you]. he can sit up pretty well but will topple over so we're working on it.

how mommy is doing: bored. working and being a mom was too much work but being just a stay-at-home-mom of one is quite dull sometimes. i try to fill it up with activities: lunches or walks with my mom, outings to stores, mommy play dates and such but this week is slim-pickings and let me tell you, we've both felt it so i've started making more elaborate meals which is fun. my mom says i need a hobby- any suggestions? the one critiia is i have to be able to hold and entertain my child while i do it.

what we're looking forward to: summertime! playing naked outside, going swimming and popsicles.

our favorite toys: the mirror, especially the hand-held kind i only bust out in case of fits. anything that he shouldn't have - so newspaper, plastic baggies, mom's purse, mom's pinkberry. when it comes to acceptable toys, sophie still takes top billing [best. gift. ever] next to his spoons and a plastic water bottle.

how he's eating: he took to rice cereal like a weasley does to money. that plus his tendency to lust after our food [see below] made me realize he was ready for food but i still wanted to abstain until 5 months. last night he had his first bit of food - broccoli. my mommy club and i were making our own baby food this week [making big batches of things then sharing] so i got a jump start on it and was too excited to wait. he LOVED it - but then again he loves food so i'll be surprised if there isn't something he likes.
*warning: this video is quite dull but made for posterity

also one of his favorite things is to grab at what i'm eating or drinking, it's how i knew for sure he was ready for foods. seriously, i cannot have a drink of water without sharing my cup = adorable. i even love sharing my pear [he like licks it] and i don't even mind the slobber. well i do but i brave myself through it. it's what moms do, right?

really mel, aren't you just exaggerating just a little bit about how bad his temperament/fits are?: no, i am not. not even slightly. he still has his colic fits routinely. last week we had a dinner date with a fellow mom friend who has twins and she couldn't believe how high maintenance/crazy he was still. it's def not as horrible as it once was but he's not an easy kid at all. makes me know that he'll be a genius - or hyperactive. either one, i just love that kid.

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Caitlin said...

Landon just keeps getting more and more adorable every day. Just when I think he can't get any cuter, he does. And check out your domestic mommy skillz-homemade broccoli baby food? Nutritious and delicious.

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