Tuesday, March 20, 2012

memory lane: baby & posh

i had just gotten my barbie
polaroid so we took several
"artistic" photos - note
my harry potter shirt
i'm really at a loss for my next blog post so i played some iphoto roulette and came up with a pic of my oldest & best friend kayla. we've basically been friends since dirt was invented - or at least grass. we met when i was trumping on scully's sqeeler's [pink pig theme] soccer club- i was 5. she was on the other team and we just hung out talking while we played each other. a year or so after that i joined her team, the right stuff. we didn't go to the same school but were pals still the same. in 4th grade she moved to my side of the town - ever since we've been inserable. except for our many, many, many fights. don't get me wrong, i love her but we were so hot and cold during our growing years you'd think we were kardashians. we went through different friends, different cliques [remember your bball crew and my ska friends?] and many different boys [her - not me] but we've always been there for each other.

it's funny, kayla and me. we've always been close but there are so many times when we'd fight and hate each other, only to make up a few days later. we couldn't stand one another but couldn't bare to be apart - talk about hot & cold katy.

now kayla is a fancy lady living in so. cal and rockin her dream job [for now]. she is the most caring, selfless, and christian person i know. so welcome friends down our drama road.
@ byu's lacrosse camp - one of the best summer's ever
after some lax tourney - see how happy kayla was
i think this is after our first year of college- a girls night with our man fluffy
@ disneyland 8th grade - she was SO pissed at lauren and me for always making silly faces in pics
slumber party in hs - isn't she gorgeous?
choir trip to SLC 10th grade
homecoming 11th grade
middle school @ a church function
getting ready for said homecoming 11th grade
lax party @ blair's house
8th grade choir competition - aka the night of my "beatle's medley" solo aka the first time i wore a thong aka the night  i broke the thong (it had elastic sides!) aka the night i first went commando
somehow, this is the most important pic of the batch. taken in 8th grade by accident but oh, my fav pic of her.

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Topsy said...

I love these!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

lol i love kayla! oo old friendships they are so fun to look back on! u guys are so cute in ur old photos! haha

Baby :) said...

You are the BEST friend I could ever ask for!! I love you sooo much! You inspire me all the time. I am so glad that God put you in my life :) Love you Posh!!

Anna Campbell said...

FYI: Pic #2- the one where Kayla M looks oh so happy... girl with her arms around you is named Kayla too.... It made me chuckle.

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