Saturday, March 24, 2012

the luck of the game night

st. patrick's day this year was bombstatic! actually, it was just like any other day except accompanied by my infamous couple game nights. really, these things are of legend material. when justin and i first got married and moved into the hacienda heights ward, we were SO excited bc there were lots of young couples for us to be friends with. COUPLE FRIENDS! we'd only heard of these mythical creatures but now we could actually SEE them! immediately, one of our new friends & neighbors [and now sworn enemies bc she defriended me on fb and i'm completely heartbroken by it....but would totally love to be her friend again if she's reading this. which she prob isn't bc she's just the coolest. but meanest for defriending me- seriously! how could you!] invited us to a game night and oh buddy, it rocked my world. imagine a world where people already have significant others so you're guaranteed to go home with someone and you only have to dress to impress other girls - and treats! it's MAGIC people! well i decided that's what i wanted justin and i to be like - couple friends people. i've thrown some parties that are quite memorable: the one for justin's birthday, the one with killer bunnies, the one where no one showed up, the one where every couple left on the brink of divorce. catch phrase can do that to a pair, believe me.
game night of years gone past - or justin's 23rd [sorry, its the only pics i've ever taken during one of our shindigs]

so we threw one of our legendary game nights [and people came] - i had so much fun planning the menu. green rice krispies, green oatmeal cookies, lime slush, green mint pie, guacamole, salsa & chips, and hot wings. lots of friends came and we played one of my favorite [but justin & my worst scoring game] - the newlywed game. i just love it- it's fun for people to try to remember things from their past, laugh at silly things, aruge over others, and remind each other what they love about each other. i think justin & i came in dead last [even though we'd been together the longest, but not married the longest. i SWEAR he changes/messes up answer just to get my goat!] but fun was had by all. here's the questions i made up so have fun with that.
the chow
the not-so-newlywed game
  1. If your husband could change jobs, what would his dream job be? a con-artist/drug lord
  2. What’s his favorite comfort food? fruit snacks
  3. What’s the strangest gift your husband ever bought you? a horse hoof from uruguay [wrong- he guessed "nothing. everything i give her is amazing] 
  4. What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? a picnic of my fav foods @ floyd lamb park [wrong- can't remember what he said]
  5. Is he a Chandler/Joey/Ross? Chandler
  6. What is your husband’s favorite meal you cook? Spaghetti [wrong- he said fajitas]
  7. Where was the WORST place you made out (or dot-dot-dot)? the flea motel in florida [wrong- can't remember what he said]
  8. What celebrity does your husband most look like? heath ledger [wrong- he said no one]
  9. If your husband was given a million dollars, what would he buy FIRST? rebel season tickets
  10. What if your favorite thing about your husband? his humor & sexy calves [wrong- he said because he's awesome but got the sexy calves]

  1. What’s your wife’s favorite outfit? her scarves- she wears them all the time [which i was in fact wearing that night. made me so mad] [wrong- my yoga pants. which i'm wearing now]
  2. If your wife could be married to any movie star, who would it be? bruce willis
  3. What was the first thing that caught your eye when you met your wife? she annoyed me
  4. If your wife could send you to habit repair shop, what would she change? nothing, i'm awesome [wrong- his OCD-ness]
  5. What cleaning job around the house is her LEAST favorite? toilets [wrong- ironing. which is why i don't ever do it hence his wrinkly shirts]
  6. Is she a Monica/Rachel/Phoebe? Phoebe [wrong- monica]
  7. What’s the last thing your wife read/watched (NOT scriptures)? the hunger games & vampire diaries [yes to the hunger games but wrong show - i had just started my boys that afternoon]
  8. What was the first meal your wife made for you? pizza [wrong- spaghetti]
  9. If your wife was given a million dollars, what would she buy FIRST? scarves [wrong- a cat - or a house with a cat in it]
  10. What if your favorite thing about your wife? she's caring, esp with landon [wrong- my humor]
don't you just wish you were cool enough to come to one of my fancy couple parties? be jealous.

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Kari said...

I am jealous. I LOVE game nights and it's rare to have one around these parts. I wish we lived close to you guys so we could play fun games and get lots of answers wrong to the not-so-newlywed game. We need more couple friends that like games close by!

Caitlin said...

I would have totally gone to this party. I'm trying to be a more fun couple friend type person. But the not so newly wed game would have been boss. And if not, at least the food would have been fantastic.

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