Friday, March 30, 2012

baby update: happy half-birthday

monthage: 6

poundage: 18 lbs, 12oz

foods he's oinked: broccoli, squash, yams, peas, green beans, zucchini/summer squash, applesauce, cantalope, pineapple, honeydew.....and licks of mash potatoes, suckers, celery, and lots of other naughty things [his parents really should know better]
hopping around at winco
how he's sleeping: a tad better - tue he slept ALL NIGHT! it was fantabulous but nope, last night he woke up at 4 but i refused to pick him up or feed him and he went back to sleep...for another hour then i had to rock him to sleep....for another half hour. steps people-- we're taking baby steps. hopefully my next 5 babies won't be so colicy/fussy that i can start sleep training earlier. normally he's up once/twice a night but with his croup - he was up at ALL hours [worst!]. so tuesday was fabulous.
at the dr with daddy - he had croup = worst night of my life
what landon loves: WATER! he loves water so much- out of his sippy cup, my cup, his bathtub water. he just dumps it all over himself and gulps it down- little water guppy. he also loves being outside still, plants [grabbing them and trying to stuff them in his mouth. but when i let him sit on grass, he clamed up!]
we love our fruit!
what he's learned to do: he is a fantastic sitter uper - only falls down when he gets excited/follows you when you walk past him. he can also hold his bottle one handed and put his pasi back in his mouth. he can also drink out of a normal cup by himself in the bathtub [anything for water]. he also loves to jump in his jumper.
my fav bath toy is the cup, then the washcloth. basically anything that helps me drink my pee water
what landon hates: food - at first. he makes the cutest little disgusted-i'm-gonna-throw-up face when we first put it in. and the second and third time - but eventually my persistent wears him down, much like his father. he also hates not being held [still], doing the same activity for more then 15 min [still] and laying down and ESP tummy time. thats the worst.
lookin like a stud on our playdate
how mommy is doing: i'm really starting to enjoy this whole stay at home mom thing. at first it was the worst bc i felt so unstimulated and i had so much time but now i've settled into the leisurly way of life. park trips, play dates, lunches with friends, shopping trips with my mom, baking delicious goodies - and that's the past 3 days. i just love being a mom, esp since he's learned how to grab my face/hair and pull his face to mine. granted, it's usually an open mouth kiss/bite but it just melts my heart.
first time at a park - he liked watching the cars from the top of the slide the best
what we're working on:not being held constantly [still], sitting in our bumbo and not falling out [thank you amy for letting us use your tray!], reading books on mommy's lap, openiing our mouth for food, giving kisses, not pulling mommy's hair, rolling from our back to tummy [he'll only do it on the bed - and its usually an accident], petting our plants and not ripping them from the root, and growing our hair.
future chuddly cannon's seeker
what we're looking forward to:his prominent career as a seeker [thx for the idea [puddles!]. easter baskets full of candy for mommy and daddy to eat toys and baby einstein videos! plus our adorable easter outfits. our first family photo shoot with the talented and beautiful brittany at studio imprints.  and teeth - well, he's not too  jazzed about that but i am!
two hands are for fools
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Caitlin said...

He is so stinking cute! Even when he was sick he was all smiles. And I sure do love his cute style. Especially the hats he wears. Abby is all sorts of twitterpated too. She says to give him kisses and drools from us.

Kari said...

I too am loving his outfits. I wish my little man could be as decked out as yours :)

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