Monday, April 2, 2012

broken phone = awesome lost pictures

you know when you find some half-wrapped/lint covered chocolate bar under your bed and it feels like you've won the lottery? that's how i feel - because luckily meghan broke my pinkberry so i've inherited justin's blackberry. and dude never deletes any of his pictures. never. i've seen deleted tons [much to his dismay] but some were some genuine nuggets that i needed to preserve. and share on my blog for all to mock.
guess where these tidbits come from:
meghan doing the ring test on my pre-landon belly [can't remember what it said] - a super classy gift from gpa
a perfect gift from my bff8 - chocolate covered bacon justin HAD to try in san diego 
some urinal pad...don't ask me - creepy tunnel from justin's hoover dam tour for school
my car's magical number - some unc game where everyone stormed the court

that last one was my favorite. justin & lynsey playing my 'just dance' game on wii. check out justin's sweet, sweet moves. that's why i fell in love with that saucy guy.
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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

Justin really can bust a move. And that pee urinal is creepy. and gross. sure glad the braithwait didn't have those.

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