Friday, April 6, 2012

siskel & melbert at the movies

there are few "things" i love more in life then movies. maybe music and slurpees-- that's it. i enjoy getting lost in another reality, all while gorging myself on movie theatre popcorn [soooo much different-er(?) then homemade. remember my popcorn craving stage of pregnancy??]. i've enjoyed dining with wong fu & julie newmar, gotten lost in the 8th kingdom and done the can-can at the moulin rouge. i've gone on adventures in middle earth, attending a few potions classes, and even been an apprentice for obi won. pretty fabulous life i have here.

justin doesn't understand why i could read or watch the same movie over and over again - he's never really been into the arts. since i have the memory of ali calhoun, it's like meeting an old friend - over and over again! i remember i like it but i can't remember why. i've yet to watch a movie so many times i stop enjoying it-- even twilight. which is prob the most watched movie in my huge binder of movies [and it's relatively that makes me pathetic]. but on the upside- i basically know all the lines so watching it with me on fast forward = awesomeness. just ask shannon & autumn.

so without further ado, here are the movies i'm most excited about this year [so far]. this list is in no way comprehensive but a few i've seen and it makes me pee my pants a little. i just hope mema is up to babysitting enough for me to see all of these. and gorge myself on popcorn in the security of a darken movie theatre- bc food you can't see have zero calories. so double jeopardy.
i LOVE the host - you have no idea. i CRIED during this book...before i got pregnant. so it was really hard back then [twss]. it's in no way like twilight. but i'm a huge sci-fi nerd.
i am, admittedly, a huge superhero nerd as well. not as big as noah & nick, or as their close and personal friends call them, batman & robin. i don't have HUGE hopes for it- lets face it, it's no x-men. with capt america stinking so bad, iron man will need to work his hardest to redeem this. even with thor's massive muscles.
how could i leave this out? the trailer offers basically nothing. and it's hard to live up to a hybrid-human-vampire baby clawing their way out of your vag but still. it's going to be great to finally see bella grow some cajones and actually DO something. but is anyone other then me a tad disappointed they didn't make her prettier?
have you noticed studios like to put out movies with similar genres/story lines at the same time to compete? [ie: a bug's life/ants, the prestige/the illusionist, marhc of the penguins/happy feet, megamind/despicable me, chasing liberty/first daughter, the truman show/ed tv] mirror mirror is coming out soon [snow white, kids version] but it looks quite dull next to this. granted, it's got k-stew in it...but it also has thor. so life ain't too terrible.
i read this book cover to cover and it was in NO way as funny as this promises to be. and let's face it, i'm only excited for this movie bc of the dudes' group. i'm hoping steven & justin can form this type of group together in a year or so. dads are dudes too - and justin's got no dad dude friends. thank heavens meghan is pregnant.
now, my man j.r. knew his bizness. i mean, he created not only a whole new world, but new languages. that's some commitment...while i can't manage to put pen-to-paper my brilliant book idea [spoiler alert- it'll be copyrighted. that's how awesome it is]. now i have still yet complete the books BUT in my defense a) i have a baby b) i have a NEEDY baby c) i already know what happens so it's hard to sit through dull sections when i want them to skip parts and d) the movies are long enough. i'm no caitlin people! hp was stretching it- and that's HP!

like jason segal, i too can relate. my own engagement felt like five years [it was 3 months]. but in my defense, i was ready to marry him in 7th grade and we didn't get married until my first year out of wham bam.

last but in no ways ever least [#3 to be in fact] is my 3rd husband - mr. william smith [following bruce willis and marky mark]. mib2 was lame but this is gearing up to be ah-maz-ing. i just want to lick the screen.

honorable mention: the great gatsby [dec], les miserables [dec], the mortal instruments [tba]
runner's up: abraham lincoln: vampire slayer [anyone read the book?], the bourne legacy, battleship, the lucky one, rise of the guardian, the dark knight rises, and madagascar 3.

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Caitlin said...

Of course they can't make vampire Bella cuter...not when she's played by Kristen bass-mouth Stewart. Also, I am excited for the Host long as they don't ruin it. And the Hobbit. We all know that will be amazing!

If I lived in Vegas, I'd go to movies with you all.the.time.

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