Monday, March 4, 2013

life lately: hats, cheese & elmo

life lately has been landon finding things around the upstairs and pushing him through the slots of his baby gate  [which is still a novelty]. it's been landon loving hats and wanting to wear them out all the time, which is dangerous in wolfpack territory. it's been a cranky boy refusing to nap so he falls asleep mid-dinner [and not because my meals are boring...but lets be honest people. they are]. but not this one- this is my favorite summer meal [i know it's not summer but a girl can dream]. this is the lemon zucchini pasta from our best bites. 
 life has been going to the park with my one carson friend- and finding my long lost geese from last session. it's been having dinner dates with daddy and us realizing we never, ever want to go to a restaurant with landon again. it's landon sticking his finger in any hole he can find- toilet roll holders, his nose, our mouths, you get the idea. ps- no that's not another burn, just a shadow.
life lately has been long walks on sunday afternoons [which are incredibly long with a toddler who doesn't like to sleep and no family/friends about] and discovering the mini mountain by our house.
 it's been a trip to the laundromat to wash my giant blanket [that was hilarious. this white girl had never been so it took me a few machines to figure out that not all of them were broken. but in my defense, one of the dryers were]. it's been early morning stalkings with landon trying to type on my computer and just loving every second of it. it's been trips to daddy's office to bring him treats or go to lunch- then standing on the window pane and pretending to be king over all of carson.
 it's been another our best bites love of mine- chocolate zucchini bread. it's been landon trying so hard to open a block of cheese with a wooden spoon.... maybe he's not quite the genius we hope. it's been someone worrying about his weight and dental hygiene. and it's been many many trips to the children's museum and trying to get my scardy cat to slide down the slide. really, he's a big baby guys.
 life has been landon doing any and everything to keep himself occupied in our sad, lonely existence. including this setup which he did several times. it's been a stroke of genius as i named our wifi. it's been riding the elmo car at walmart and again, landon hating it [what a waste of 50 cents]. and it's been my little boy growing up so fast and me realizing he's a big boy already [but let's be honest, that's a great thing].

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KinderTeach said...

And what does Landon think of Carson? ~hint, hint~

Caitlin said...

Love this post. I want your best bites book. I'll have to invest in it once and for all. I also love Landons hats. Especially the dog one. And the name of your wifi is HILARIOUS!

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