Wednesday, March 6, 2013

weightloss wednesday: my current fav workout songs

dudes, i am totally giving myself a self-five right now.

not that i've lost any weight but i am totally seeing improvements. i can run longer, i can run faster and my body is becoming stronger. it's weird, running one mile is still torturous [mostly mental] but after i hit that one mile, walk for a bit then run again, i feel charged and am able to do more, with a renewed energy. i can feel my body adjusting and settling into a pace. don't get me wrong, i still hate running, more then i hate ironing [which is a lot - beccause i never iron]. my body is just slowly adapting which is awesome blossom news.

last week i was deathly sick.... ok not quite deathly but pretty horribly stomach sick ifyouknowwhatimean. so this week i feel my energy drained and my body feeling the effects of 6 workouts a week more clearly. when i need my pick me up, i put on these power songs for me. and they do the trick [if you want a copy just email me and i'll share!]

international love - pitbull
waka waka - shakira

did it again - shadkira
ammunintion - switchfoot
moves like jaggar/jumpin' jack - glee cast
buenos aires - glee cast
it's tricky  run dmc
cyclone - baby bash
outta control - baby bash/pitbull
show me the money - petey pablo
get busy - sean paul
it's time - imagine dragons
good time - owl city/carly rae jepson
let's have a kiki - glee cast
die young - ke$ha
party ain't over - pitbull
get up/levantate - pitbull

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