Wednesday, February 6, 2013

workout wednesday: something that scares me, a spin class

remember when i talked about doing things that scare you? last week i did something that terrifies me and learned that it is rightfully so. but i'm so glad i did it and i'll prob do it again. people, i'm talking about the spin class.
i could easily take a spin class with schmidty. love me some schmidt.
that's right people- a spin class. i know it's the big thing for celebrities to do and some of my friends even like it but i see those wheels and get terrified. i think it begins with my unnatural fear of bikes. i grew up on a dirt road with the only pavement being our large driveway [which was always crowded with trailers] and our neighbors down the street. so we'd literally walk over with our rollerblades [anyone else a hard core bladder? seriously, where did all my bladder friends go. every time justin and i see an awesome dude bladding down the street with his fanny, walkman and cut off shorts, we always say we're going to start blading again. alas, we never do.]. anyways i think i had a bike. my mom says i had a bike but i don't remember it. like most of my childhood, it was overshadowed by 5 older siblings who got more attention. that's why i demand it so much now. but enough family issues. 

long story short - i'm not the best biker. i remember in college i brought my sisters old bike up one weekend, determined to start riding to school [less then a mile away]. i did it one time- huffing and puffing the whole time [granted, it was on a slight upgrade of a hill] and ended up at class with pit stains. not ideal when you're trying to catch a man to get your M.R.S. degree [yes i was still looking!]. so i've been terrified of the wheels ever since. i decided to just try this spin class out because it's one of the only classes available at my gym with babysitting hours and i thought, 'hey, i can do anything for one hour'. right. riggghhhttt.

now i'm just being dramatic, but it was tough. and the kicker? it wasn't even a true spin class. they call it cycling intervals but really we did a mini-spin class with interval training [think barbells, jump ropes, mat work]. it was intense but totally achievable. i even mastered did the whole standing up and spinning move, which is the thing that scared me the most! [fyi: i never got how people did that- now i know. you have to turn a knob on the bike to turn the resistance SUPER high then you kind of bounce when you stand and cycle]. i was painfully aware the whole time that i was the largest lady there [there was only 4 of us, counting the instructor] and the most uncoordinated. but i held my own, finished it and will prob go back. win for mel.

and this is just because everyone needs a laugh once in a while.

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Caitlin said...

I did a spin class once when I was younger. And it was death. But good death. Good for you! And I lurve that video!

Kari said...

I am terrified of a spin class. In fact, today at the gym I looked half frightfully, half longingly at the spin class room. I wish I could get the nerve up to attend but I've heard they are SUPER DUPER hard. And while I don't mind a hard work out, I don't want to completely fail at it. Or puke. Or die.

Basically, I'm on the same page, and I totally envy you. Because today when I went go to the gym the only class available was the spin class, but instead I ran away in fear to the treadmill. Way to be brave!

Tami said...

Way to face your fear Mel! Yeah I think I still have gravel stiuck in my elbow from crashing my bike on our dirt road and a youngster. Not good. Also don't downplay that hill to SUU it was a killer!

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