Friday, February 8, 2013

last week: when landon got sick *graphic pics!*

so far carson has not been my friend. not at all. landon enjoyed one last playdate with his friends in vegas and that seemed to get all three of them sick. once we got in carson he got croup [which he has gotten several times before so we know how to handle that]. that turned into a cold. once he finally got over that [two weeks] he got a stomach bug. it was so weird- he was acting all fine one day. i went out of the room for a second and walked back into barf central [sorry for the graphic pics- in all fairness, i did warn you]. at first i thought he had split his pants [they are 12 month sized and they are getting quite snug]. so i cleaned my baby bear up in the bath, hoping it was a one time thing because he didn't have a fever. we start going down the stairs and i hear something, turn around and see this. macaroni central all over again. so we take another bath. then i set him up downstairs while i clean up all that barf. eventually justin got home and gave him some pedialite. which he proceeded to barf up- two more times. while i was holding him [so all over my clothes and hair]. he couldn't keep anything down all night- not even water. then he got a fever and snugly [which is a HUGE cry for help]. we called the dr and they gave him two more hours to keep something down or we had to take him to the dr. thankfully a blessing and nap later, he started sipping some liquids.
it was a rough night with lots of wake ups, pedialite and elmo but we got through it. just breaks my heart. at least i got lots of snuggles- but not worth it.

eventually he got feeling better so we've been able to go visit the outside world. currently his favorites include the rocks outside- but not the ones on our stoop. the ones on our neighbors, who we don't know. so kind of creepy. we've also been going to the children's museum which is loads of fun. i don't know what it is but landon's turned into such an old man. he loads up his grocery cart in the fake smiths then tries taking it out of the museum. just jets away. so hilarious but the old lady up front does not approve.
oh and besides being adorable, he's all better. and back to his old self.
he's also been into trying on shoes- especially mine. justin does not approve but he can't help it if he's a pretty pretty princess. i took pity on him for his sickness so took him to target and spoiled him with an elmo doll and some bath crayons. he LOVES crayons, especially loves eating them. but it only took him one night to get his bath crayons taken away. they're the large knobby kind and he literally  ate the whole crayon off of both of them. thankfully that weekend i got a break from the grind and hit the temple in reno.
my friend from school watched him while i went to a session- it took all of my saturday but it was worth it. oh and those other two pictures? landon loves to cuddle with daddy when he sleeps and its too cute not to take a picture. and the other one was from before he was sick at the park. i know, not planned well. just so thankful the sickness is ALL GONE!

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Caitlin said...

You're such a good mom! I'm sorry Landon was so sick. That is no fun at all. But at least he got to try on your shoes and play with the bath crayons. Which now I want to get Abby. Seriously though, you really are an amazing mom! miss you!

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