Friday, November 2, 2012

stories of today

today on our daily run we went to the park to play and a dad with his twins were there. cute little boys, running everywhere. i commented to him that he must be superman to take care of two, when i think one is plenty enough. landon had fun watching the boys go every which way. our park is right off a 5 laned street but has a gate around it. one of the boys wandered over to the gate and was playing there, about 50 feet from his dad. i think he figured, like all of us, that he was safe. well, if that little boy wasn't mischievious enough, he slipped out the gate and started running away from his daddy. the dad took off, hopped this [6 feet at least] gate and chased the little boy. my heart stopped. remember when i saw my super mom friend rescue her little boy who fell in the pool? that was heart stopping. this too- us parents, we have such a responsibilitiy! these little kids are so fragile!!

so the moral of the story is don't have twins.

oh look, my adorable baby in his nest reading a dvd case
a seperate and unrelated story- when we got home we were playing outside in our garage and our mailmen drove up to the community mailbox [it's right outside our house] and started putting things away. we exchanged pleasantries then he asked me if i knew a friend from hs that he also knew- small world. then he told me he recognized my husband's name from the route he used to take- then he knew all about the zobrists. seriously! the nicest man! and lds! and kinda creepy he knew so much about us. it made me think- mailmen really are the big brothers in our community. they know if you're past due on your bills, what magazines you subscribe to [small business man, maxim, american way, cracked....i don't just read cracked], where you like to shop online. this would blow my dad out of the water.

do the moral of the story is make friends with your mailmen so he doesn't spill your secrets. or don't and you never have to face the fact that he knows more about your spending habits then your husband does.

just random thoughts for you day.

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Clint and Sarah Pickens said...

i know who that mailman is! he's in my sister's old ward and although he's not my mailman, he brought over a letter my dad sent way back when to somebody on his route that didnt live at the address anymore! he was so nice!

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