Wednesday, October 31, 2012

costumes of halloweens past

growing up the youngest of 6 on a farm, i was quite neglected in the halloween department. it was never really a big dealio to our family- my mom had a box of halloween stuff [ie: props our older siblings had used] that we could choose from, so we had basically nothing to pick from. i never remember dressing up or even going trick or treating when i was little. most likely, my mom just bought us a bag of candy and called it good [my mom's input: she swears she dressed us up when we were little but it wasn't as much as parents do today. we were clowns, princesses or witches. ]. my first experience dressing up i went as a baby in jr high with my best friend kayla and we went around her neighborhood. from there, i don't remember doing it at all until college [let's all do a collective sigh here for my wasted childhood....sigh...]

so my FIRST costume i did with some friends - we were the girls from grey's anatomy. so basiclly we dressed in scrubs- can you tell which one i am?
i was christina yang - caitlin was scary spice hahaha
the next year i was roommates with the funnest gals ever and we went as the teenage mutant ninja turtles- awesome costumes right? i know, i made them. we even won the car decorating contest at the institute trunk or treat.

the halloween after justin got back we did nothing. granted, we had just got engaged and so i think i was high on cloud 9 and just didn't care. our first year married we went as king kong [bc keith had a costume] and i was the chick he steals. pretty cool i think.
 our first halloween as a family of 3 we were cutlery. fork + spoon = spork. seriously, we had been planning this for YEARS! YEARS! and i made these myself too, which i think is pretty bossum. we didn't even GO anywhere this year because life was so crazy with a colicy aka the world's worst baby. actually, we did go to our new ward's trunk or treat for like 10 min- landon screamed the whole time, it was freezing and then we got wet by the sprinklers. so not the greatest evening.
this year justin has refused to participate because he is literally the bump on a log. i found landon's costume on clearance a while back ago [and got his next year's costume as well]. i'll give you two hints:
a - he is the darkest of the dark forces
b- i am his daughter
keep posted for our fun halloween post!
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KinderTeach said...

We got a bag of candy and we went out to dinner. You forget, WE HAD NOOOOOOOO NEIGHBORS. Without neighbors, trick or treating proves difficult.

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